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October 25, 2010

Mawgan Porth, Cornwall On the occasion of the commencement of thirty eight years of being alive on this planet, I am grateful for: Love. On my birthday I was gobsmacked by the messages of love and good wishes from fellow Twits, and the Book of Face. I spent the week lunching and breakfasting with women […]

friday five ~ lady chatterly had a better plan…

October 14, 2010

I was up by 7am and appropriately attired. A couple of trips to the garden centre, another to B&Q and several stops for hot coffee later: ‘tadaaa!’ Here are some before and afters from roughly the same place in the garden, except the window boxes at the bottom (click for close ups and behold their […]

a random wednesday

October 13, 2010

How bloody emotional was today?! This was the day the world paused to watch 33 miners resurrected from the ground; the culmination of 69 days of engineers and physicists and drillers and other errr miney skills, pouring their energy and knowledge into a courageous feat: one that many will remember as a miracle. It was […]

disconnected, reconnected

October 11, 2010

Image credit: free iPhone wallpaper from the gorgeous: From Me to You *taps and blows* heelloooo is this thing on? Oh hai world! I am back from Oop North, and Big Hairy Scary Project has gone live. I am now pretty much recovered from 18 months of semi-craziness and one week of sod all sleep, […]