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if you are listening, god…

February 27, 2009

Dear God, Dude! I badly need a favour. You see I found a little place for us to call home, just a 2 bedroom maisonette in Chiswick. It has a garden the size of a kitchen table, is suitably Rex-friendly: perfect really. And then I met the Bastards-R-Us Letting Agency. Who want a pint of […]

supermarket hell

February 22, 2009

I have just returned from the giant Sainsbury’s on Finchley Road. It was like a fucking zoo. Supermarkets in London close on a Sunday at 4pm. This sparks some sort of panic stock-piling reaction in the city’s residents. Probably to do with the spirit of the Blitz. Or the post-war rationing. Or something. Regardless, there […]

string theory

February 16, 2009

On the way into my new worky place this morning, I stepped in authentic British Transport Police Horse Pooh. The rest of the day though, went rather well. I was able to log on. There was not a whiff of a hint of bloody Lotus Notus. And there is a lot for me to do. […]

get out your toolbox ladies

February 15, 2009

There are some fantastic wine bars in the Square Mile. However, after dark they are full of young men in hand-made suits and pink shirts, and watches worth as much as my house. That kind of wealth makes me uncomfortable. It feels like play money; unreal and somehow unearned. The combination of very young men […]

measuring out my life with teaspoons

February 09, 2009

Today marks day 14 of my unemployed status. In order to prevent me from losing my mind, I have a bit of a routine down. Wake around 8am. Shower. Dress. Make tea. Watch The Wright Stuff over breakfast. More tea. Check every job site known to man for any potential career option. Attach CV and […]