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fun fanny facts

June 22, 2008

Feminine hygiene product shopping does my head in. I am finding it difficult to come to terms with black panty liners for g-strings. Equally, the concept of tampon boxes as fashion accessories. Or pads shaped like paper dolls with heads and legs and two little arms that cling to the gusset of your knickers for […]


June 17, 2008

George takes a running leap from just inside the doorway, and lands with a heavy thud on the bed. He runs up my side and curls into the crook of my arm, purring madly, nudging my hand for scratches and pats. Close to sleep, I glance at the clock. ‘Georgie look it’s 11:11, make a […]

geekage: good vs. bad

June 16, 2008

Good: Discovering (with admittedly, a large amount of assistance from a rather spunky geek I know) that my broadband speed was dramatically slow, due to Sky fighting for space on the phone line. He pulled out the phone jack and everything went WOOOOSH! It’s about 20 times faster than before. So now I can waste […]


June 15, 2008

So how awesome was yesterday? A crisp, clear sunfilled winter’s day. I read the paper, chatted to Noshy & Lisa, gardened, and then inspired by the gorgeousness, walked up to the windmill to take a few photos. Man it’s a BIG hill. Even from the carpark. And people run up the bloody thing. Then I […]


June 04, 2008

I suspect I am single handedly raising funds for Lyall Bay School. Via my contributions to the Trade Aid chocolates ($2 per bar – bargain!) in the communal tea room. It’s like they get all alice-in-wonderland on my ass and whisper ‘eat me’ as I am making my afternoon cup of tea. I cannot resist […]

poetry on a trolley bus

June 02, 2008

It was always a good commute day when poetry was in my line of sight on the District Line. In the morning crush, even with a random armpit in my face, it had the effect of taking me to a calmer, quieter place in my mind. And this morning on the #8 bus, I had […]