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tuesday trinkets: the ring box

March 31, 2008

I cannot remember where I bought the ring box, it may have been portobello market. The hinges are broken so the lid is not attached. It weighs heavy and cold in my hand. I love the romance and intricatness of the design. It sits on the chest of drawers in my bedroom, guarded by a […]

leaving early on the last day of march

March 31, 2008

Monday feeling head-achy and body-achy. Soul-achy. A rumbling, bumbling bus up the hill and home to the warmth and safety of #54. Peace. The sound of several phones switched off. Fire, sofa, peppermint tea. The rain outside. And me and George. A book. A journal. Movies I have seen a hundred times, like old friends. […]

tabula rasa

March 30, 2008

Sunday afternoon Pip, TP and I stamped our passports and drove up the motorway to meet the new man in Bindy’s life. Only a week old and William is like a tiny buddha, blissfully untouched by life. He is loved, wanted, adored. My heart ached to see B so happy. This on the day the […]

under construction

March 28, 2008

In the last few months, I have had perhaps half a dozen firsts, a couple of seconds but only one third date. And what happened there frightened me a little. Because the truth is, if it wasn’t him then maybe before long, it would probably have been me. I get to a certain point and […]


March 24, 2008

The moon was full all weekend, shinning in a crisp, clear Central Otago sky. The Southern Cross hovered above the caravan, a talisman reminding me I am home. Easter has been all about reconnection: to the land and the people that shaped me, and let me go out into the world, and the experiences that […]

notes from warrington beach

March 21, 2008

There is an endless, rythmic roar. It’s all around me. The sea is grey, the light soft, almost translucent. Random piles of kelp and driftwood have settled amongst the acres of white sand. It smells like the end of summer, still warm but changing, as is everything. I love that we scattered Mum’s ashes here. […]