wales, puppies, ghosts and macrame for easter

April 13, 2017

I’ve kind of lost my blogging mojo a bit over the last few weeks. However. I just listened to this cracking podcast interview of two of my favourite online Brit birds, Kate Molesworth & Sara Tasker, chatting about why blogging is not dead.

And given it’s Easter and the theme of resurrection is in the air, I feel like I just need to rip off the band-aid and write something, anything, for you. And for Jesus.

So here’s a recap of major events since we last connected:

Biggest news: IN 38 SLEEPS WE ARE GETTING A PUPPY! We have named him Bodhi, he is black and white and a mash-up of spaniel and poodle, and while he will resemble a small shaggy bear, I am hoping my lovely sidekick will be trained as a therapy dog (Bodhi will be coming to the Sacred Rascals Retreat in November).

We are off to Wales tomorrow for Easter: three nights in a handmade wooden cabin which looks totally instagrammable, but I’ve since found out, is solar-powered. And I love Wales with all my heart, but I am not sure I would want to rely on April sunshine to run the place. Given this is our last holiday before Bodhi, we should possibly have chosen a more luxurious option. But we are where we are.

The aforementioned Sara Tasker interviewed me on her podcast we opened the kimono on all things self-doubt, and it was loads of fun!

If you want to explore this further, I’ve just opened enrolment for my new programme: Your Self-belief Map: navigating through your self-doubt.

I’ve also just (as in last night) set up a Facebook page for my coaching work so if you want to pop over and like me, I will feel immensely validated. In return, I plan to do some Facebook Live videos and share more behind the scenes of this work – starting next Thursday. I’ll be answering your questions about my new programme: Your Self-belief Map: navigating through your self-doubt. Go check out the details and post your Q’s on the Facebook page.

And some stupid weird life stuff has also been happening.

I have a huge painting of a sunrise that takes up an entire wall of my office. I opened the door on Tuesday morning, and it was as if ‘someone’ had taken it off the wall and put it next to my chair. It had fallen off the wall in the middle of the night soundlessly.

We subscribe to Gousto, who send a box full of measured ingredients and recipes each week. It’s aces – we eat so well, and there is no food waste. Yesterday I got a text message saying the box had been delivered, only to find it was not there. Therein ensued a surreal conversation regarding the electronic message and that while it confirmed the delivery, it was not the actual delivery, in much the same way that pointing at the moon is not the moon. This conversation went on too long, and we still don’t have any food. #therobotsarewinning

And then: macramégate. I bought macramé curtains for my office, and they only sent one curtain – singular – even though the photo clearly showed a pair and the stream of 87 delivery progress text messages repeatedly mentioned curtains (plural). So now I have one curtain hanging up, and I am taking my sweet-arsed time ordering the other half in protest.

Ok, that felt really cathartic. Thank you for reading along.

May your hot crossed buns be served warm, by the dozen, and slathered in salty butter!

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  1. Shauna says:

    Three cheers for the Self Belief Map & puppy countdown!

    Enjoy Wales! At least candlelight cabin photos will look gorgeously atmospheric on Insta! 🙂