You’re a self-employed coach.
You’re not by-yourself-employed.

To do your best coaching work,
you need support too.

I know you already have a deep sense of awareness of yourself. You already have a bucketload of tools and resources.  But there are times, like everyone else, when your ‘stuff’ gets in the way.

Mentoring sessions are about dropping deeply into how you show up to your work, your business and your life. Because when you expand your own capacity for awareness and change, the deeper you can go with your own clients.

As coaches, we are in the business of relationships: our work is about creating safety and trust for our clients. And while we’re mastering the complex art of coaching, we are learning how to run a dynamic business. And most of us do it alone.

When you’re running a tiny empire from your spare room, it’s easy to forget that you need support too.

That’s why, alongside my own practice, I mentor other coaches.

You’re in safe hands

I have a Masters Degree in Coaching and Mentoring from Oxford Brookes University. My dissertation was a deep study into the coaches experience of self-doubt. 

I have slowly and steadily built my coaching business over half a dozen years. I started with a couple of clients while working full-time and I kept growing, learning and experimenting.

My Coaching & Mentoring Practice is now a full-time gig bringing in a very healthy income and a tonne of emotional, creative and spiritual fulfilment. 

And underneath my book-smarts and my street-smarts, runs a deeply intuitive felt-sense of what in you, is asking for your attention. You can expect pragmatic wisdom, compassionate challenge, and the tools and encouragement to take action.

our Mentoring Sessions have three dimensions:


We’ll talk about your Coaching Practice.

Including the conditions you need to do your best work, and the situations and clients that you find challenging.

You’ll gain awareness of your underlying assumptions, patterns and blind spots.

And you’ll develop the capacity to learn from your vulnerabilities, in service of your clients.


You’ll find support to establish, develop and grow your Coaching Business.

We’ll find the path out of the places you feel stuck, resistance or doubt. And idea generation for your next offering is my favourite thing to do.

If you are feeling creatively blocked or you just aren’t sure of the next steps to take, we’ll figure it out together. When it comes to bringing your business to life, I have a toolbox the size of Texas!


We’ll also segue into coaching to reflect on your life.

You’re a complex, nuanced human and the amount of energy you have is finite; when you are absorbed by your work it’s easy to find yourself lost in the grass with a ‘mouse-eye view’.

Our mentoring sessions will help you to take an ‘eagle eye view’ of how you are showing up to your life and what you need to thrive.

Shall we do this?


  • We’ll meet monthly for three sessions. You can renew your package at any time.
  • Each session is 60 minutes and we meet over the phone. This means we can work together no matter where you live in the world, with minimum disruption.
  • I record all of our sessions and they are kept secure and confidential between us.
  • I’m available to you for additional support over email throughout our mentoring agreement.
  • You can choose to make one payment of £447 or three monthly payments of £167.

*I am currently booked up until July 2017
please click here to get on the waitlist*


Please fee free to email me anytime. We can discuss working together, if mentoring is for you, and if I’m the right mentor for you.


Mentoring with Sas is like sprinkling magic into my business and life, and how she illuminates the interplay of both is downright brilliant! Sas taught me specific methods to work with my anxieties around decision making and branding.  Sas has an uncanny ability to uncover where light needs to be shed.

As my business expands into international retreats, Sas taught me how to hold a larger space, in a deeper way for my clients. In my writing efforts, she taught me why it’s vital to ‘be the flame, not the moth’ and write from my soul and heart, share my unique story, be brave.

Sas’ Mentoring Sessions are for anyone who wants a soulful, modern, generous of heart, real-life wisdom approach. I love Sas!

Jane Reeves

Happiness Coach, Retreat Leader & Yoga Teacher at, Radiant Jane

In her coaching, Sas provides a rare mixture of the spiritual and the everyday. I was challenged lovingly to be more trusting of myself.

Sas is super smart and provides warm, generous support with a fun sense of humour partnered with an analytical brilliance that helped me gain new perspectives. The words ‘life coach’ just don’t fully encapsulate what she does.

Sas helped me to own my coaching gifts more fully and rely more on my inspiration.

Deborah Chalk

Certified Coach

As a coach, I knew that working with Sas was going to be life-shifting and that certainly proved to be the case.

Sas helped me enormously in unpacking the deep-seated stuff I’d be putting off for a long time but we worked together in such a way that it wasn’t the bombshell or bloodshed I had feared it might be!

Sas struck the balance brilliantly between challenge and support, ease and stretch and holding things loosely yet tightening when needed. The deep understanding and connection that Sas brings to her work is truly unique and enables real, deep and lasting positive transformation.

After six sessions, I have come away with a sense of calm and freedom and a far stronger identification of my true self, resulting in renewed confidence, energy and a whole new ability to approaching and making decisions that are right for me.


Coach, Dubai