Much like me, the coaches I mentor are not ‘natural’ entrepreneurs.

When I discovered coaching, it felt like coming home.

But it has taken time for me to trust that my work can help my clients make the transformations they want. And even longer to believe that I have a successful and sustainable coaching practice.

Choosing to do this work is not for the faint-hearted. We come up against all our own stuff.

As coaches, we are in the business of relationships: our work is about creating safety and trust for our clients. And while we’re mastering the complex art of coaching, we are learning how to run a dynamic business. And most of us do it alone.

To do our best work, we need support too.

That’s why, alongside my own practice, I mentor coaches.

Being willing to reflect when sessions don’t go well, recognising when you are out of your depth, when you are judging or advising clients: this is where true coaching mastery lies.

And knowing where to start with building a business when everything feels like a priority, can feel overwhelming.

You might believe you are never going to make this work.

But you can stop collecting certifications and start being a coach. You can stop shying away from marketing and start inviting your ideal clients to coach with you. And you can stop worrying if you have anything original to say and start magnetic conversations with your people.

I wholeheartedly believe that you can profoundly impact your clients with integrity and a healthy income.

Let me help you.

Magnetic Conversations:


As coaches, our core skill is having conversations. I can show you how to expand your innate conversational ability to create a coaching practice that is authentic to you, that connects with your ideal clients, and that constantly generates new bookings.

Magnetic Conversations is an in-depth and comprehensive resource for any coach who feels overwhelmed by the process of wrapping a business around their heart’s work in the world.

With scripts, templates, worksheets, video’s, meditations, step-by-step processes, audio and written guidance, it’s everything you need to create the coaching practice of your dreams.


The Fire Monkeys Mentoring Group

Based on the findings of my master’s research into the coach’s experience of self-doubt, The Fire Monkeys Mentoring Group provides all the support you need to cultivate resilience, grit and tenacity.

The skills and knowledge required to be both a coach and business owner, are dynamic, complex and take time to master. And self-doubt is highly exacerbated by working alone.

During our six-month programme, you’ll be supported through one-to-one mentoring, group work and self-reflection. The content is rich, effective and designed to be implemented during our time together. You’ll be able to make meaningful progress in your coaching work.

No hiding. No procrastination. No overwhelm.


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