the day following the full flower moon

May 27, 2013

Rex woke me up at 1am when the full moon was shining straight in the window of our spare room. And at 8am Badger careened through the cat door with many muffled cries, indicating that for the first time in her three years, she had killed something. As you can see, this turned out to be a plum she had retrieved from our neighbours garden. Badger is the worlds first feline pacifist vegetarian hunter.

Later that morning we went to the farmer’s market and had fresh jacket potatoes in the sunshine. And then a long walk through the grounds of Chiswick House, there were egrets and ducklings and ryans galore (goslings, obvs.). Everything was fecund, fertile, fruitful and flowering. We sat under the obelisk and dreamed about our future and chatted about this summer, about how good life is; how everything is so much freakin’ awesomer when the sun is out and the trees are jammed with squawking birds.










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