Your self-doubt has absolutely nothing
to do with your capability.

Self-doubt is our built-in Protector – always on the lookout for any risk of hurt, disappointment or rejection.
Self-doubt strikes because what you are longing for, really matters to you.

Self-doubt is often the biggest barrier between us and our dreams.

We can expel a tonne of energy dodging the discomfort of self-doubt (my favourites: procrastibaking and Netflix).
And then we blame ourselves for making zero progress towards what we really want.

Being stuck in self-doubt is full of disappointment, sadness, and shame. It can be heart-breaking.

There is a way through.

Your Self-belief Map is a safe and supportive space for you to navigate through your self-doubt.

We’ll explore where the seeds of your specific self-doubt were sown, make peace with your Protector and you’ll map your way into positive action. On the other side is self-trust, self-acceptance, and self-belief.

Are you stuck in the Self-doubt loop?

Together we’ll explore:

  • The important and unique job, self-doubt has in your life right now.
  • When the seeds of your self-doubt were planted and the impact of those formative experiences.
  • How to uncover the unconscious stories you have carried through to adulthood.
  • A powerful process for making peace with your Protector (the part of your psyche responsible for your Self-doubt)
  • How to honour your need for safety and belonging as you bring your dreams to life.
  • How to reduce and release the hold your resistance has on your dreams.
  • What it feels like to have your self-doubt seen and acknowledged within a group of like-minded people.

A six-week adventure

Module 1 – Your Flavour of Self-doubt

We’ll start the programme with a live group workshop. Together we’ll explore your lived experience of self-doubt. How is this showing up in your life today? What is your self-doubt holding you back from? What purpose is your self-doubt serving?

Module 2 – The Seeds of Your Self-doubt

In week two we start the important process of reflecting on the influences of your family and the formative experiences of your life. What caused your self-doubt? How did you make sense of these experiences?

Module 3 – Meaning Making & Self-doubt

We’ll begin to piece together the meaning making you have attributed to events and relationships, with the stories and beliefs hold about yourself. It can be incredibly healing to discover that meanings can change and you get to decide. What do you want to keep? What is no longer serving you?

Module 4 – The Protector

As we enter this week, you’ll have new insights into the important protective role your Self-doubt has played through your life. In our second live group workshop, we explore how to make peace with The Protector, and without self-doubt running things, how you can create safety for yourself.

Module 5 – The Voice of Your Self-belief

As the voice of the Protector begins to take a backseat (or at least gets out of the driver’s seat), we’ll explore how to cultivate the voice of your self-belief, how to listen to this and begin to trust in it.

Module 6 – Navigating from Self-belief

We’ll plan out your next steps, in particular how you can take meaningful positive action with your Self-belief leading the way (and your Protector helping out as required).

A few years ago, my self-doubt was running everything in my life.

I had so much love to give but was convinced I was terrible at relationships; I believed there was no way I could ever leave my well-paid corporate job even though it made me completely miserable, and I watched on the sidelines (seething with judgey-envy) as others shared their creativity, while I longed to write a book.

I was a proper procrastinator (there was nothing amateurish about my ‘crastinating!) and turned to food and pinot noir to avoid feeling the shame and disappointment of all my unfulfilled dreams.

It wasn’t until I was willing to go into my self-doubt, that I was able to find my way home to myself.

I needed to discover where the seeds of my self-doubt were planted, and how these became the stories that wove their tentacles into my adult life. This has been the most meaningful journey of my life.

Self-doubt has been one of my greatest sources of growth.

I have an MA in Coaching and Mentoring from Oxford Brookes University, and my Master’s dissertation was a deep study into self-doubt.

At the core of my coaching methodology are proven approaches for helping people cultivate self-acceptance, self-trust, and self-belief (the best kind of selfies). I’ve found that this provides the basis for transformative, lasting change and I’ve helped hundreds of people to change how they think and feel about their lives.

I’d love to help you navigate through your self-doubt with Your Self-Belief Map.


Next Class: Autumn 2017

Open for enrollment: Tuesday 5th September 2017
Class begins: Monday 2nd October 2017
Live Group Workshops: 8pm Tuesday 3rd October +
8pm Tuesday 24th October

Please note: Class size is strictly limited to 30 places.

It is never too late to be what you might have been.
~ George Eliot