There is no ‘magic formula’ for creating a successful coaching practice

But you can absolutely learn how to reach the people
who want to invest in themselves, through your coaching.

Your training will have equipped you with effective tools to do your coaching work, but creating a sustainable coaching business is an entirely different skill-set.

Most of us reach a point where we realise clients don’t magically appear through our will and enthusiasm!

You might be asking yourself: how do I find paying clients? How do I let people know about my coaching work without sounding pushy, annoying or manipulative? How do I grow? What do I write on my blog? Do I even need a blog?

If you can’t figure out why nobody is buying your heartfelt coaching work, Magnetic Conversations is just for you.

As coaches, our core skill is having conversations. I can show you how to expand your innate conversational ability to create a coaching practice that is authentic to you, resonates with your ideal clients, and continuously generates new bookings. I want to help you to fulfil your coaching mission!

Over the last six years, I have slowly and steadily built my coaching business this way. I started with a couple of clients while working full-time. I kept growing, learning and experimenting and now my Coaching & Mentoring Practice is a full-time gig bringing in a very healthy income and a tonne of emotional, creative and spiritual fulfilment.

You don’t have to do this alone.

Magnetic Conversations is:


An intuitive, self-paced programme with comprehensive, step-by-step guidance for how to establish, build and grow your coaching business.


Immediate and lifetime access to all materials (including any future additions and upgrades). You can dive in to any module at any time, or work through the programme sequentially.


*LIVE* Peer Group Practice Calls. Each month we’ll get together using a powerful peer-group support framework, to share both positive and challenging experiences of coaching. You’ll build skills in deep listening, reflecting, receiving and giving feedback and holding a coaching container.


15 bite-sized modules covering the whole shebang! Each module is a conversation – with yourself or your clients: including how to identify and choose your ‘Flavour’ of coaching, how to create coaching offers that resonate with your people, how to package and price your coaching work, have effective introductory calls and gather powerful testimonials. You’ll have everything you need to create your coaching practice.



Members-only access to the Magnetic Conversations Facebook group. You’ll be welcomed into this private and supportive community of like-minded folks, where you’ll be able to ask for feedback, find accountability partners, celebrate wins and find help to get unstuck. We are all navigating this path together.



Multi-media learning. Each module is comprised of written material, audio lessons, an interactive Workbook with templates, worksheets, scripts and checklists. You’ll be able to work through the material in whatever way suits you.


Guided visualisations. Allow your wise heart to speak to you about who your people are, how you can stay connected to both your work and the clients you are destined to help in the future.


Bonus materials. Including the amazing ‘Client Capacitiser’ for calculating your rates, the books I recommend every coach reads, and my Little Black Book of Coaching Resources (a tonne of handy free tools, and really bloody useful links that will make everything easier).

I could have stopped after module one and still been delighted with what I’ve learned!

Something magical happened as I worked through the material and I have found a way to relate to my coaching that feels amazing and lights me up – it means I’m creating a truly alive and vibrant space for my clients and our work together.

The foundations of a coaching practice – getting clear on who you work with, the way you work best, the boundaries and frameworks for how to create the conditions for conversations that permeate your initial calls with clients, right through to the intention behind the words on your website – these weren’t the things I was taught in coach school!

Sas has created powerful content rooted in an evidence-based approach, and a circle of professional and friendly coaches in a space where we’re all encouraged to lead and contribute.

I always come away from the monthly call feeling energised, supported, and having learned something new about my coaching work. It’s brilliant!

Jacqui Sjenitzer


When I started working with Sas, I had one-ish client.

After three months of Mentoring Sessions and working through Magnetic Conversations I now have a full coaching client load, and my doula practice is booked up for the next seven months. My mailing list has almost doubled, and I’m turning out content like a ladypreneurial badass!

I have a very tangible goal with my business. By the time my daughter starts school in September 2017, I want to have quit my day job and be working for myself full time. As the latch-key child of workaholic parents raised on after-school Oprah and homemade Nutella smoothies, I want to be waiting with (metaphorical or actual) warm chocolate chip cookies when my wee one arrives home from school.

This is about so much more than doing work I love…it’s about being the kind of Mom I want to be, and the kind of person I want to be. Thanks Sas for getting me that much closer to #cookiesinseptember

Jessie Harold

Life Coach & Doula, Nalumana Women's Wellness

let’s do this!

 Choose your payment terms and you’ll receive an invitation email with a link to our programme site,
with all the Magnetic Conversations materials. You can get started today!

I want to help you demystify the process
of wrapping a business around your coaching work.

sas Magnetic Conversations will help you to create a coaching practice that is authentic to you, connects you with your ideal clients, and continuously generates new bookings.

I’m so grateful and proud that my coaching practice has been consistently booked out for the last three years.

I’m a Certified Martha Beck Coach, I trained with the Coaches Training Institute, and I have an MA in Coaching and Mentoring from Oxford Brookes University. My Master’s dissertation was an in-depth study of the coach’s experience of self-doubt.

In my BC (Before Coaching) life, I was a sought-after management consultant. For almost twenty years I helped dozens of organisations, hundreds of teams and one Knighted Noble Prize Winner to bring their business vision to life!

I have a unique combination of expertise and experience that I am excited to make available to you.

Here’s what you’re getting:


1: How to Choose Your Flavour of Coaching

  • How to drop deep into a tried-and-tested somatic method for choosing your coaching work.
  • Understand how coaches set themselves up for failure right from the start, and exactly how to avoid this in your business.

2: The Research Interview Process

  • The real reason no one is buying your coaching services (it’s nothing to do with your rates or your experience).
  • The essential questions to ask to find out what your coaching clients want (including what your clients are ready to pay for and exactly where to spend your marketing efforts).

3: How to Map Your Coaching Client’s Transformation

  • How to tap into your empathy to deeply understand and be of service to your clients.
  • The deceptively simple process of plotting your client’s transformation that helps create all of your future marketing collateral.


7: Your Bountiful Blog

  • A road-tested process for generating your next six months’ blog posts in one afternoon!
  • Three ways to use your blog to effectively market your coaching offers (without ever using the word ‘sales’).

8: How to Start Conversations With Your People: Driving Traffic, Creating an Opt-in and Building Your Subscribers List

  • The three conversations that are the secret to the sustainability of your coaching business.
  • What to do when people un-subscribe, un-follow and de-friend.
  • Exactly how to set up your Subscribers List and the essential conversations that will help you develop a relationship with your future clients.


13: Your Coaching Container: The foundation for your best coaching work

  • The one thing most coaches don’t know about, that can deepen and expand your capacity for excellence in your coaching work.
  • Exactly how to establish your Coaching Container and bring it to life in entirely practical ways.

14: Self-reflection: the simple practice that will dramatically improve the impact of your coaching

  • Exactly what to do when a coaching session doesn’t go well.
  • How your discomfort and self-doubt helps you develop your capacity as a coach (and a 5-Step process for precisely how to do this). 
  • The known conditions for supported reflection that will rapidly increase your coaching development and maturity.


4: How to Create a Website That Totally Resonates With Your People

  • The three unique-to-you energetic elements that create the ‘X Factor’ for your site (that are nothing to do with fancy design).
  • Exactly what to do when people aren’t visiting your site (including a proven process for creating a six-month plan to get visible in front of your ideal clients).

5: The Four Page Website Formula

  • The four key pages you need on your website and how to write each page for your ideal client.
  • The page that most coaches overlook, that has led to dozens of clients booking with me (and exactly what to write to encourage this on your site).
  • The 10 questions to ask before you create or refresh your website that will save you money, time and energy.

6: How to Write a Magnetic ‘About’ Page

  • Why this is an essential tool for creating resonance with your prospective clients. And how to do this in a way that is authentic to you.
  • Exactly how to create your About Page so it works as a magnet for generating new client bookings.


9: How to Elegantly Package, Name and Price Your Coaching Offer

  • How to create and name a needs-based coaching offer, original to you and specifically designed to help your people.
  • How to price your coaching offers energetically and mathematically.

10: How to Write a Magnetic Invitation Page

  • The 10 elements of a compelling invitation page (and exactly how to structure and format your copy)
  • The techni-magical Template that creates your formatted Magnetic Invitation Page as you go!

11: How to make Introductory Calls that respectfully nudge your client to book

  • The core principle of Introductory Calls that almost every coach misses.
  • The complete structure and script I use in an Introductory Call (that has 90% of prospective clients book with me).

12: Testimonials: the fertiliser that keeps your coaching practice blooming

  • The four elements that turn bland feedback into success stories that showcase your coaching (and the #1 most powerful question to ensure testimonials lead to new client bookings).
  • Three mistakes coaches make that dilute the power of their testimonials (and what to do instead).


15: How to ride the peaks and troughs of self-employment

  • How to stay energetically bonded to your work with two guided visualisations and one connection ritual.
  • Three proven tools to help you stay productive, purposeful and keep moving forwards.
  • My tried and tested approach for exactly what to do when it all gets too much (that I’m still learning how to master).

Magnetic Conversations was what I needed to feel like I could own the coaching I love.

Sometimes the answer is right in front of your face but you don’t see it. Or maybe you saw it but you didn’t believe it to be true, or how could it be that simple? This programme helped me anchor in what it is that I’m good at.

Magnetic Conversations holds a safe and creative space to figure all of this out. Thank God for Sas and this group!

Liz Kiefer-Convertino

Life Coach & Wisdom Coach for Children

Sas provides a rare mixture of the spiritual and the everyday. I was challenged lovingly to be more trusting of myself.

Sas is super smart and provides warm, generous support with a fun sense of humour partnered with an analytical brilliance that helped me gain new perspectives. The words ‘life coach’ just don’t fully encapsulate what she does.

Sas helped me to own my coaching gifts more fully and rely more on my inspiration.

Deborah Chalk

Certified Coach

Mentoring with Sas is like sprinkling magic into my business and life, and how she illuminates the interplay of both is downright brilliant! Sas taught me specific methods to work with my anxieties around decision making and branding.  Sas has an uncanny ability to uncover where light needs to be shed.

As my business expands into international retreats, Sas taught me how to hold a larger space, in a deeper way for my clients. In my writing efforts, she taught me why it’s vital to ‘be the flame, not the moth’ and write from my soul and heart, share my unique story, be brave.

This is for any coach who wants a soulful, generous of heart, real-life wisdom approach. 

Jane Reeves

Happiness Coach, Retreat Leader & Yoga Teacher at, Radiant Jane

Magnetic Conversations:

  • Six Core Elements of a successful and sustainable coaching practice
  • 15 Modules with comprehensive step-by-step written and audio guidance (including case studies and examples from my experience)
  • Interactive Module Workbooks with worksheets, scripts, templates and checklists.
  • 7 Videos
  • 2 Guided Visualisations
  • One amazingly bloody helpful ‘Client Capacitiser’
  • My Little Black Book of Coaching Resources
  • Members-only access to a private Facebook group
  • *LIVE* Monthly peer-group coaching calls for on-going support
  • Lifetime access including future upgrades and additions

 Choose your payment terms and you’ll receive an invitation email with a link to our programme site,
with all the Magnetic Conversations materials. You can get started today!

Questions you might have:

Will this help me create a six-figure coaching business?

…um maybe? Eventually? If you need a guarantee of fast financial results, this programme (and possibly this work) isn’t for you.

Magnetic Conversations is all the elements of how I created, and continue to run my sustainable coaching practice. My intention is to help you develop your coaching business and to enable you to provide excellent coaching to your clients. In my experience, the financial rewards (as well as the creative, emotional and spiritual ones) are by-products of superb work. The power to do this is yours.

What I can and do promise, is to deliver a comprehensive, useful programme, created specifically for coaches, that contains all the content you need to establish, build or refresh your practice. I am super proud of this offering.

I'm still in coach training. Is Magnetic Conversations for me?

Magnetic Conversations is for coaches of any level of experience. If you are in training or have just certified, this will absolutely help you to get set up.

If you have been at this for a while and trying to expand your reach, find more clients, or create coaching offers that your ideal clients actually want – that’s where I can help.

How will the programme be delivered?

The programme is currently housed in Ruzuku, an online learning website. It’s very intuitive and easy to use and Ruzuku is owned and developed by educational specialists.

Once you have made your payment, you’ll be sent an email with all of the details for how to access the programme materials and the private Facebook group.

The programme is self-paced so you’ll be able to access everything.

This is a self-paced programme, so will you be available to answer questions?

Yes, absolutely. I’ll be very present and available in the Facebook group to offer help and support.

We’ll also have monthly peer group coaching calls, which will provide a live connection. These calls are designed to provide a safe space for you to reflect and explore both your client caseload and the day to day running of your coaching business.

I know that being a self-employed coach can be quite a lonely experience, and this programme will offer you opportunities to connect with other coaches.

What is Peer Group Coaching? When will these calls take place?

Peer group coaching combines the benefits of coaching skill with the insight of peer-to-peer learning.

Each month we’ll get together using a proven framework, to share both positive and challenging experiences of coaching. You’ll build skills in deep listening, reflecting, receiving and giving feedback and holding a coaching container.

The calls will be held on the last Wednesday of the month at 8pm GMT.

Will this teach me how to run group programmes and retreats?

Module 9 – How to Elegantly Package, Name and Price Your Coaching Work translates to any needs-based coaching offer you want to create.

However, the examples I’ve used are for how to set up your one-to-one practice.

I’ve found that teaching and facilitation for group-based work requires a complementary but different skillset to coaching, which is about individual learning and development.

Do your accept payment in any currency?
Yes! You’ll be able to pay via Paypal, which automatically converts your payment to any currency. The current exchange rates can be viewed here.
I have another question...
I’m so happy to answer any questions you might have – in the first instance email me at [email protected]

Disclaimer: By choosing to invest in Magnetic Conversations, you accept and agree that you are responsible for how you apply the programme materials. I can’t offer any guarantees regarding your earnings or other outcomes. Your results are dependent on an entire suite of factors including your skills, knowledge, ability, dedication, business savvy, network, your personal financial situation, wider economic conditions, and maybe even planetary alignment. However, I wholeheartedly believe our world needs healers like you more than ever. I believe in you and your coaching work and will be available to support you.


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