You can create a home within yourself

When your home is a feeling and not a place,
comfort, safety, love and belonging are always available to you.

This is the basis for self-acceptance, self-trust and
self-belief (the best kind of selfies).

Write Yourself Home is a powerful and fun process that will help you listen to your wise heart,
away from the needs, demands and expectations of others.

We’ll explore how to create an internal sense of sanctuary and centeredness within you,
and how to carry this into your life, work and relationships.

Join us for day of self-reflection, connection and cake!

Together, we’ll explore:

  • How to slow down and listen to yourself.
  • Connecting to your emotional truth in creative ways.
  • How to reveal and reflect on the patterns in your life.
  • How to honour your needs within relationships.
  • What it feels like to be at home in yourself within a group of like-minded people.
  • What ‘home’ means to you and how to return there anytime.

I really didn’t know what to expect prior to coming along on Saturday, and I think the fact I didn’t try to prepare myself was the reason I walked away having gained so much.

It was such a wonderful day, all thanks to Sas for making each of us feel included as soon as we walked through the door. I am someone who fears what other people think of me more than I should, and I was truly gobsmacked to be called brave and beautiful rather than sensitive and anxious. I have never experienced anything like it.

Write Yourself Home is eye-opening, inspirational, and soul-awakening. I’m feeling so empowered to be my authentic self, inspired to give myself all the love support I need, and supported enough to be confident in everything I do and who I am.

I can’t tell you how thankful I am to Sas for putting together the most inspiring workshop I’ve attended.

Leila Wright, Writer

It was insightful and really inspiring. I’d never thought of my soul as a place for me to inhabit, a place that is just mine. It made me realise that I’d never really taken full ownership of my soul, of my boundaries, before.. it simplified the bigger picture for me. I found watching and hearing others’ conversations, and hearing Sas’ prompts to invite others to dig a little deeper really beneficial.

I was reminded to stay honest and true to myself, and to get reacquainted with this beautiful soul inside that is trying to live its unique story through me. And, in a few different exercises we did, I wrote a memo to myself: “Let your freak flag fly!” haha. It’s time to just let go of my clenched jaw, my tightly wound protections I’ve placed around myself.


I saw this an opportunity to create the space to delve inside, and it was such a safe and loving environment to do this.

The whole day was designed to support me to be honest and thoughtful, and I gained so many insights. Sharing my experience with the other women required me to dig below the surface.

I am so ready to embrace joy and move forward honouring my needs and boundaries.


Write Yourself Home was the most nurturing, most inspiring and most creative workshop I have ever been on.

The day had a gorgeously easy flow to it, the circle of women that gathered together to share stories and connection was amazing and I came away with a full and happy heart. Thank you, Sas.


Let yourself be taken care of

Saturday 28th October 2017
Oop North, Halifax

Me and Bohdi are very excited about our Autumnisational Roadtrip to meet you in Yorkshire.

My good friend Sara Tasker is kindly hosting us all in her beautiful home.

Arrive after 9:30am and we’ll close before 5pm.

Delicious breakfast pastries, a seasonal vegetarian lunch
and all workshop materials provided!


After years of constantly seeking answers and feeling so lost, finding my way home to myself has been the most meaningful journey of my life.

Learning how to create an internal home has formed the basis of my coaching work, and I have helped hundreds of people to do this for themselves.

I have an MA in Coaching and Mentoring from Oxford Brookes University, and my Master’s dissertation was a deep study into self-doubt. I have also trained with the Center for Narrative Coaching, the Coaches Training Institute, and Dr Martha Beck.

Underneath all the book-smarts, runs my intuitive felt-sense of what in you, is asking for attention.

I’m delighted to share Write Yourself Home with you!

What participants have to say

Connecting with a group of amazing like-minded women, and being truly seen by everyone was such a beautiful, unforgettable experience.

I was able to speak out and feel like I was able to make the first steps to really loving myself.

I’m feeling positive, courageous and ready for the next chapter of my story.

Lissa Foly-Hughes

Sas has created something so special in Write Yourself Home: a safe, compassionate and peaceful environment, yet I came away feeling so inspired and energised.

I have a renewed sense of hope, ease, openness and solid loyalty to myself.

I know I don’t make enough time for this sort of thing and it felt like such a delicious invitation. I was nourished in every sense of the word – cake, tea and truth! – the whole day was a lot of fun.

Phillippa Moore

I felt on the cusp of change and wanted to explore this. It was a great day: helpful, honest, fun and empowering. Sas is a wonderfully insightful and sensitive facilitator.

I’m feeling so hopeful and positive, thank you!


The most impactful moment of the day for me was feeling liberated from all my ‘gunk’. I am feeling so inspired and my spark has been ignited again!

Write Yourself Home brought me closer to my true self than I’ve felt in years. I’m so grateful to you Sas.

Jeanine Stewart

Something really spoke to me when I first read about the workshop and it was so eye-opening!

Having time to explore my sense of home was incredibly comforting and the Life Map exercise was really impactful for me.

I’m leaving feeling more knowledgeable about myself and so ready to move forwards.

Lucy Hill

It was such a deep and soulful day.

The way Sas set up the workshop was perfect - the space, flowers, food, great notebooks - and our gift! I shall treasure this on my journey.

I'm going home feeling tender, accepting and hopeful.


I really wanted to sort out all the swarming thoughts in my brain about what I want to do in my relationship and career.

Write Yourself Home was emotional, cathartic, instructive and practical. The words that came out of my Heart Map were so surprising!

I’m feeling empowered, positive and hopeful about what comes next.


Write Yourself Home instantly appealed to me, at a point when I was feeling stagnant.

If a friend asked me to describe my experience in a couple of words, I’d say honest and inspiring!

The whole day has left me feeling really confident.

Kate Crang

This was a really powerful and emotional experience of self-exploration. I lot of stuff came up for me: I hadn’t realised how many things I had buried or how ready I am to make changes in my life.

I am leaving feeling excited! I feel I have rediscovered myself and what I am capable of.

Kellie Smith

The whole day was revealing, inspiring and reassuring!

It was so powerful to have my words mirrored back to me. I’m leaving feeling so positive, knowing I can trust my intuition and my own judgement.

Sue Fontaine

I really needed time just for me to take stock and set some intentions. And it was so energising and life-affirming to spend the day with inspiring women who all helped me to see my negative blocks with compassion.

I feel so much more positive and aware of what I need. The whole process helped me see a different way of being.

Natasha Treloar

I was feeling stuck and lost with all the thoughts in my head. I realised that a lot of things at the back of my mind aren’t as important as I first thought. I feel so empowered to let some things go.

It was lovely to be able to connect with others at a deeper level, to spend the day delving into our Life, Heart and Soul maps.

I have more clarity and I feel so much lighter.

Catherine Hui

I wanted to make time for myself and help prepare for some changes in my life. The most impactful moment for me was realising that clearer boundaries would support my relationships.

It was such a moving and supportive day and I am leaving feeling so optimistic.

Claire McConnell

It was wonderful to have some expertly guided time to explore the sensations, experiences and ideas of home.

I’m feeling curious and open. Really insightful!

Sarah Burrows

I really needed to make some changes in my life to get it more balanced.

It was such an inspirations and informative day. Drawing my Life Map, and what came up for me in the Soul Home Map were really impactful for me.

I’m leaving feeling that I have the tools to make some real changes.


After years of online stalking, I wanted to hang out with Sas and I always enjoy taking time out to talk about life with like-minded women.

Drawing my Life Map was a real moment of clarity for me – to realise that nothing is wasted was wonderful! I’m feeling so optimistic and excited about the next chapter of my story.

Kate Evans

I said yes to Write Yourself Home because the idea really intrigued me.

Hearing the feedback from my partner in the Soul Map exercise was really impactful and I’m going home feeling so positive.

It was such an emotional and rewarding day.


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