There is something vital and transformative that happens
in safe, intimate circles of like-minded souls.

Most of us are longing for richer, deeper connections.

We are seeking a place where we feel seen and accepted; where there is room for all of our messy bits, and compassionate support as we attempt to untangle our circumstances.

In our fragmented and frenzied lives, few of us can imagine making time for this.

There is a seat for you at my table.


We’ll gather somewhere beautiful to spend a few hours, or a few days exploring your story.

You’ll be thoughtfully guided through an intentional programme.

There will be time for self-reflection, group conversation and reconnection with your own heart. You’ll leave feeling grounded, inspired and full up in all ways.

Write Yourself Home


When your home is a feeling and not a place, comfort, safety, acceptance and belonging are always available to you.

Write Yourself Home is a day-long workshop where you can learn how to cultivate a home within yourself.

I can show you how to create an internal sense of sanctuary and centeredness within you, and how to carry this into your life, work and relationships.

A day of self-reflection, conversation and connection. With all the compassionate support and delicious cake you can handle!


Sacred Rascals Retreat


Sacred Rascals is a four-day retreat for 12 women. A stunning Regency House in the heart of the English countryside. With masterful coaching, a stone labyrinth, crumpets and crackling wood fires.

Our safe and intimate gathering has room for all of you – including your shadowy, unwanted parts, and the spectacular lightness of your being.

You’ll leave knowing in your bones who you are ready to be in your life, and what you want from the next part of your adventure.

There will be awakenings, belly laughs, ritual, real-life connections and rich conversation.


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