There is something vital and transformative that happens
in safe, intimate circles of like-minded souls.

Most of us are longing for richer, deeper connections.

We are seeking a place where we feel seen and accepted; where there is room for all of our messy bits, and compassionate support to explore where we are going.

In our fragmented and frenzied lives, few of us can imagine making time for this.

There is a seat for you at my table.


We’ll gather somewhere beautiful to spend a few hours, or a few days exploring your story.

You’ll be thoughtfully guided through an intentional programme.

There will be time for self-reflection, group conversation and reconnection with your own heart. You’ll leave feeling grounded, inspired and full up in all ways.

Write Yourself Home


When your home is a feeling and not a place, comfort, safety, acceptance and belonging are always available to you.

Write Yourself Home is a day-long workshop where you can learn how to cultivate a home within yourself.

I can show you how to create an internal sense of sanctuary and centeredness within you, and how to carry this into your life, work and relationships.

A day of self-reflection, conversation and connection. With all the compassionate support and delicious cake you can handle!


Sas has created something so special in Write Yourself Home: a safe, compassionate and peaceful environment, yet I came away feeling so inspired and energised.

I have a renewed sense of hope, ease, openness and solid loyalty to myself.

I know I don’t make enough time for this sort of thing and it felt like such a delicious invitation. I was nourished in every sense of the word – cake, tea and truth! – the whole day was a lot of fun.

Philippa Moore

I saw this an opportunity to create the space to delve inside, and it was such a safe and loving environment to do this.

The whole day was designed to support me to be honest and thoughtful, and I gained so many insights. Sharing my experience with the other women required me to dig below the surface.

I am so ready to embrace joy and move forward honouring my needs and boundaries.


You don’t need a reason to attend Sacred Rascals, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a reason not to.

It’s about sisterhood, deep wisdom, clarity and profound joy.

I’m leaving with a deeper sense of ownership of my own path, and my power.

Inger Dybvig Kenobi

Sacred Rascals, 2016

I’m going home with unstoppable, sober clarity. I’m feeling fully charged and I now know how to recharge.

Go to this retreat if you are ready to step into the full expression of your luminous authentic self. You will weep, you will laugh from your belly, you will be held so tenderly and fiercely by a woman who is unafraid of asking you the difficult questions and walking with you as the answers appear.

Sacred Rascals was an irreplaceable paradigm explosion!

Dr Mary Lummis

Sacred Rascals, 2016

Sacred Rascals Retreat


Sacred Rascals is a four-day retreat for 12 women. A stunning Regency House in the heart of the English countryside. With masterful coaching, a stone labyrinth, crumpets and crackling wood fires.

You’ll be expertly guided to open yourself to the profound and the ridiculous of this life. Our safe and intimate gathering has room for all of you – including your shadowy, unwanted parts, and the spectacular lightness of your being.

You’ll leave knowing in your bones who you are ready to be in your life, and what you want from the next part of your adventure.

There will be awakenings, belly laughs, ritual, real-life connections and rich conversation.


What it’s like to retreat with me…

It truly felt like a warm blanket was wrapped around us all as we unravelled ourselves and became clearer on the journey ahead.

I was sold on Redfox because of Susannah, Sas and Meg; truly gifted souls who I knew would create a magical and life-changing experience. Yet I was so amazed at the thought, love and energy that went into making it so special. 

It was really summed up for me as I stepped into the taxi at the end of the retreat with tears trickling down my cheeks. The taxi driver said, ‘it’s hard saying bye to family isn’t it?”.

Michelle McCarten, Redfox Retreats 2014

Project Slumber was cosy, beautiful, peaceful.  There were delicious amounts of space to process and integrate. I slowed right down into my natural rhythm and I’m still grooving to it days after coming back home!

I’ve come to know that self-care is not a nice to have, it’s a necessity. I loved having to practice being responsible for me and me alone.

Holly Pagnacco, Project Slumber 2015

It’s worth the investment, even if takes the entire year’s self-development budget. It is that good. 

Find Your Fire combines the experiential, via coaching with horses and interaction in the beautiful setting, with the cognitive background of educated and experienced coaches, and rounds it out with the woo of numerous rituals to transition through the different phases of the finding your own fire.

I was able to process several limiting mindsets and shift my view about my what I have experienced over the last few years. I left with the confidence to change how I showed up in the world and with science-based protocol to deal with future limiting beliefs.

Jennifer Armstrong, Master Coach

Find Your Fire Leadership Immersive

The experience I had at Redfox truly changed my life. This is not something that can be easily said about anything — a book, a movie, a chance encounter — but I mean it with all sincerity. The environment, while aesthetically gorgeous, also held a magical space for my personal growth and development.

I’ve never experienced anything like it since, including the camaraderie among the women there; and I would not hesitate to recommend Redfox to any woman considering the dream of something glorious for themselves. And good food. I will not forget the food.

Esmé Weijun Wang, Redfox Retreats 2013

Writer, Essay-ist, Advocate

I was both hesitant and anxious to get to this retreat. I was unsure about travelling somewhere totally new to me and I didn’t know if I would be accepted into this group of women. But on arriving I felt in safe, warm hands. What I learned about myself with Mara and Sas, is that I am OK. 

I loved sitting around the fireplace or the big table engrossed in conversation, laughing, learning and making new friendships – such laughter! Project Slumber is nourishing, inspiring, fantabulous!

Tami Scott-Gardner, Project Slumber 2015

If you are hesitant about attending, let me just say that the mountains are waiting for you. Blue Star Ranch is the best, most magical place for this work of Finding Your Fire and moving forward in your work.

Jac, Sas, and Trish provide a perfect blend of the sacred and the practical, weaving both into the process of self-reflection and reclamation. It’s just beautiful. If you have a chance to work with any of them individually, take it. And if you’re considering attending the retreat with all three, get your ass to North Carolina!

Hannah Pasquinzo, Find Your Fire Leadership Immersive, 2016

When I look back on the days we spent at the retreat, the hope I feel almost bursts out of my chest. I need to say how completely transforming just signing up for this retreat was for me – it took me a long time to convince myself I was worth it.

The strength I got from these few days was unbelievable – I felt so much more able to tackle my life when I went home and so inspired to direct my life consciously towards my soul’s desire. I can feel it in my bones that these are lifelong friendships I’ve made.

Fiona Shevlin, Redfox Retreats 2013

I have tremendous gratitude – for the opportunity, for the time, and for the great people we were fortunate to be with. Trish, Jac & Sas are dedicated, focused coaches who are 100% present. They ask really good questions and didn’t let me slither away with a pat answer.

I am now moving forward in big ways with my own business. I know that months from now, I will still be seeing the impact of this experience play out in my life and work.

Martha Simpkins Davis, Find Your Fire Leadership Immersive, 2016

Going to Redfox is one of the most self-loving things I’ve ever done. I came away physically and emotionally restored, feeling healed and a part of a circle of Vixen sisters. I went in with an expectation of clarity and came away with that and so much more.

Because although I was away, I was home. I felt comfortable in my skin. I was myself, the authentic me. There was no need to apologize, no need to strive, no need to do anything but, be.

Gerri Smalley, Redfox Retreats 2013

Jac, Sas and Trish bring their unique gifts to this retreat, but they are all smart as hell, funny, bold and intuitive and delightfully bullshit free.

They worked seamlessly to guide us and all of that work and play was anchored, not just in my mind, but in my body and my being, with ritual and truly experiential learning which created lasting touchstones.

I came home shifted, willing to risk discomfort and more fully claim my art, my voice, my roar.

Cameron Hill, Find Your Fire Leadership Immersive, 2016

This was a magical event – it was one of the absolute best things I did in 2013.

So grateful. Sus, Sas & Meghan combined forces to create a gentle, restorative, deeply nurturing retreat that also popped me out of my ruts and got me realigned with my best path.

I am no stranger to gatherings and have a fair understanding of what it takes to create a magical one, and I can tell you these three women have it going on.

Elizabeth Duvivier, Redfox Retreats 2013

It was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. Redfox gave me an incredible, powerful circle of women who fully get it. And I mean GET IT.

Three months later every aspect of my life changed, from work to my love life to my home and health. Some shifts are subtle; others are massive and unmistakable.

The way Sus, Sas and Meghan supported every unravel, every lightbulb and every tear. The way I could finally (FINALLY) be entirely truthful about what I want and who I am. I can honestly say that my experience at Redfox has changed my life.

Jenny Hyde, Redfox Retreats 2013