My Coaching Approach

My coaching is based on a Master’s degree in Coaching & Mentoring from Oxford Brookes University and professional training with the Center for Narrative Coaching & Design and the Coaches Training Institute, as well as certification through Martha Beck Incorporated.

I endeavour to remain theoretically grounded, empirically valid and conceptually coherent – while open to an unfolding wild and playful mystery that surrounds us.

My eclectic approach references Narrative Therapy, Attachment Theory, Adult Development Theory, Somatic work, Existentialism and Positive Psychology. I use techniques with roots in Transactional Analysis and Gestalt Therapy. I also incorporate mindfulness, therapeutic journalling and meditation practices.

I have been deeply influenced by the teachings of Robert Keegan, David Drake, Eugene Gendlin, and Martha Beck, (PhD’s all) respectively.

I have regular professional Supervision and personal coaching.

I am an affiliate member of the British Psychological Society, as well as a member of the Association for Coaching which has a strong research focus.

A general disclaimer

There are no guarantees that coaching will lead to true love, multiple orgasms, your dream job or winning the lottery.

Your life is unlikely to suddenly take on the lustre of a tampon ad, where your hair is perfect and you wear white jeans while riding a horse along a beach at sunset. The people who drive you nuts will remain themselves; your body will be with you always and life will continue its pace of one damn thing after another.


Having coached with hundreds of women, and after spending thousands of hours researching the empirical data that underpins this work, I know that coaching can lead to transformative change.

Occasionally this looks like big and obvious shifts. Mostly you have the exact same life, but inside there is this new quiet power and trust in yourself; you show up in the world in a totally different way. Your loved ones notice.

The process of coaching often feels revelatory and light. Sometimes it’s mucky and shitawful as we face the blergh-filled, uncertain bits together. But I promise that through it all, there will be ease, deep work and unconditional support.

My mission is to help you free yourself from the beliefs that hold you back from the life you want. Because when we are navigating a change – even one we have instigated – we can get so tangled up in our own stuff.

Sometimes we need to go underneath the long-held beliefs, the fear and the doubt to hear our deepest, wisest self. I can show you how to listen.

I respectfully and whole-heartedly believe
that you have all of your own answers.


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This means I retain the intellectual property rights, for everything I create, until the end of time.

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Comments & Feedback

Comments are monitored and may be deleted if I consider them offensive to myself or my readers. The same applies to any feedback offered on social media. However, I welcome respectful disagreement and encourage healthy debate.

This site has been in existence since 2007. All content is a semi-permanent, point-in-time snapshot and on-line manifestation of what is in my brain.

My thoughts and opinions change from time to time. This is a consequence of living with an open heart and mind, and quite possibly because I am in possession of ovaries.

One of the best parts of this space is that it allows me to be part of a conversation with you.

I’m so glad you are here.