Hello! I’m Sas Petherick.

I have a Masters degree in Coaching & Mentoring from Oxford Brookes, and I’m a Certified Dr. Martha Beck Life Coach.

I’m available for interviews, podcasts, guest posts, workshops and other collaborations.

I’m experienced, qualified and excited to talk to you about:

  • How to cultivate self-belief
  • How self-doubt shows up in our lives
  • The body’s intelligence
  • Pragmatic mindfulness
  • Academic research into coaching
  • Developmental coaching models
  • Narrative coaching models
  • Attachment theory and coaching
  • Building a sustainable and successful coaching practice
  • Leading retreats
  • Supervision for coaches

Please email me or feel free to get in touch using the form below. I read every message I receive, and endeavour to respond within a few days.

Featured Publications

International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring

It was thrilling to have the findings of my Master’s research published in this respected academic journal.

I was also invited to present my research at the 2016 International Coaching & Mentoring Conference, in Oxford.

‘an extremely interesting study and paper’ – Editor, International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring.

Inspired Coach Magazine

I contribute a monthly column called ‘Casework Corner’ to Inspired Coach Magazine.

In 2015, my awkward 14-year-old self (with new braces and boobs) was delighted at being on the cover.

You can subscribe to this free magazine right here.

‘Sas Petherick is not a serious woman, (she is in fact filled with mischief, glee and wonder), but she is very serious about the art and skill of coaching. And so I was delighted when she said a big yes to being on our latest cover of inspired COACH Magazine and sharing her eclectic and amazing journey of both becoming a coach and her absolute fascination with our thoughts and minds as human beings.’
– Julie Parker, Inspired Coach Editor & CEO and Founder of Beautiful You Coaching Academy


Martha Beck Inc.

I’m honoured to have my story featured on Dr. Martha Beck’s website – you can read about how I and a few other MBI Coaches come to be um…MBI Coaches.

Are you feeling the pull to train as a coach?

I highly recommend exploring the MBI training programme – it’s the most comprehensive, heart-centred practitioner coach training  I know.

My official biography

Sas Petherick is unconditionally committed to your self-belief. She is a Coach for Thinking Humans and Mentor for Thoughtful Coaches and deftly guides her clients out of the mire of self-doubt. With a Master’s degree in Coaching & Mentoring, and as a Certified Dr Martha Beck Coach, Sas’ approach is heartfelt and effective, deeply intuitive and immediately applicable to your life.

Find out how to amplify your life with curiosity and kindness at  www.saspetherick.com

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