What are you longing for?

There are literally squillions of online programmes, courses and coaching options available these days.

In all of that noise, it can be tricky to find those rare guides producing heartfelt work that actually… works!

One of my favourite things, is to support thoughtful coaches to bring their next offer into being.

Below you’ll find stellar programmes – some are free, others are an investment – all have been created with deep consideration for you.

These coaches have the magic combination of smarts and sensitivity. They are creative and compassionate and the programmes have been made with so much love.

I’m thrilled to share their work with you.

Whatever change you want to make, whatever you are longing for, whatever you want more – or less – of in your life, you are in such good hands.

Your Values Blueprint: figure out what matters, build your life around it

This is the tangible, visual and verbal representation, of the things that fundamentally matter to you. This is a tool for decision making and life-living. For remembering who you really are. For anchoring to the everything you envision.


Ilse was a coach and a teacher long before it became what she does. She is passionate about the work of aligning our values; the guiding principles and aspirational arcs in our lives, with how we actually show up -in our lives, and in the world. And about coming home to ourselves.

She loves the process of examination and becoming more brilliant than our story and bigger than the sum of our conditioning.

Ilse completed her Certified Professional Coach training through Leadership That Works and holds a certificate in Plant Based Nutrition from eCornell University. She is also a PMA certified Classical Pilates Instructor.

The Daring Way – 1:1 Coaching for female leaders looking to answer their personal call to courage

This programme is based on the full curriculum of The Daring Way – based on the research of Dr Brene Brown and exploring topics such as shame, vulnerability, courage, empathy and trust.  You choose areas of your life and work where you want to show up and be seen more bravely, and how to create the resiliency and support to take you from hiding and armouring up to authentic leadership presence.


>Jacqui Sjenitzer is a coach, psychologist and Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator. She works with groups, teams and leaders in workplaces and communities, helping them develop braver, happier people. Jacqui works with women wanting to experience the full The Daring Way™ curriculum on a 1:1 basis.

Most importantly, Jacqui has walked this path, and knows what it takes to move from living from fear, shame and scarcity, to being real, messy and magnificent, and feeling whole.

Living a wholehearted life happens in the detail of our daily lives, and by cultivating a rock-solid ‘support section’ – we’re not supposed to do this alone.

Mindful Mornings is a 7-day e-course designed to help you reclaim sacred space in your life for you.

You’ll be guided through the process of creating your own morning routine with meditations, journal prompts, and practical tools to assist you in navigating any challenges that may try to get in your way.

It’s amazing how the simple shift of just 20 minutes of distraction-free alone time can make all of the big stuff feel easier. Without much else in your life changing, you’ll move through it all with a little more grace, patience, and ease.


Hannah is a dance teacher, an Equus Coach, a mama and an entrepreneur (she’s owned a dance studio for 15 years!).

She lives with her family on a little plot of land just outside a cute college town in the Ozark Mountains. Her husband calls her Snow White, because their herd of animals is always hot on her heels. 

Hannah loves to share her journey of finding freedom in this messy world, of rediscovering the power within herself to create a more fulfilling, meaningful, sustainable life. A life that feels good to live. And she hopes you’ll join her in the fun!

Feeding Freedom: a coaching programme to lead you out of secret eating

Feeding Freedom is a group coaching programme that will help you loosen the hold that secret eating has on you by bringing it into the light.

It will help you understand why you secret eat and and give you two main goals to lead you into transformation. It will help you stop fighting with yourself. Learn how to accept that your eating won’t be perfect AND commit to nourishing yourself, on your terms.


Shona is a qualified life coach and a former secret eater. She is passionate about supporting you to break free from this life-crushing habit so you can live a life of freedom and nourishment. Having broken free from secret eating, Shona knows that change is possible.

When she isn’t coaching you’ll find her in the gym, in the hills or snuggled up in a cosy corner with a book. Shona is a complete outdoor junkie and nothing makes her happier than being in nature. Other passions are cycling, travel, friendship and living simply.

Shona’s belief for herself and for her clients is: You are enough – you always were.

Towards Enough – Adventures in Abundance

Towards Enough is a 12-week virtual group coaching programme (Via ZOOM). In weekly group calls, we will be looking at our relationship to ‘enoughness’ and venturing into new possibilities. This is for you if you want to look at your relationship to money, to gratitude and to reexamine how you feel about your current life progress and to reimagine your potential so you can move towards living in a way where you feel you are fulfilling your purpose.


Deborah Chalk is a Certified Life Coach, a trained career coach and a writing coach.

She coaches creative women who have a tendency towards introversion and perfectionism and need to live in harmony with these traits to get their great work out into the world. She lives in Oxfordshire, England and loves to read and research, to practise ballet and to play piano while her dog sings along.

Coaching Conversations with a free mini-course Personal Invitation for Clarity

With self-awareness, self-care, and clarity about your real intentions, you can find the right path for yourself and the next steps to take. Your current life and situation can be the perfect pathway for you to move forward and be an inspiration for everyone around you. The free mini-course can help you be a more loving and competent guide for yourself.


Anka Hoerster is a teacher, coach, and nurse who supports smart and sensitive people who are struggling with stress and overwhelm and who really want to find their way back home to more integration, balance and love.

Born as a curious and sensitive child, Anka was encouraged to explore the world. She studied different arts, eventually becoming a nurse and receiving a Master’s degree in education. Years in modern work life and on full-time meditation retreats followed and lead to a career as a coach in the mind-body field. Anka has also been inspired by working with those of us who are reflecting on and celebrating their life at its end.

SeaCHANGE: The Art of Navigating Transition

SeaCHANGE is for women whose lives are in transition, and who want that transition to bring them a greater sense of alignment between the lives they are living and their values, desires and purpose.

Offering tangible solutions for navigating the unknown, SeaCHANGE is an 8 week, self-paced online program rich with practical exercises, real-time online support, a monthly group coaching call, guided meditations, interviews, and more.


Jessie Harrold is a coach, doula, writer and adventurer whose work is to hold space for women who are at a threshold in their lives, co-creating meaningful rites of passage and support for their transformation.

She offers individual coaching, online programs, workshops and adventure retreats to a growing community of courageous women.  

With advanced academic degrees in Neuroscience and Health Promotion, alongside over a decade of supporting women through times of deep, identity-shifting transition, Jessie brings a wealth of knowledge, curiosity, and passion to her work.

The Calm Kitchen: Nourish Your Mind and Body

Saturday, 4th November 2017, The Fumbally, Dublin 8

The Calm Kitchen is a half-day workshop to motivate you to cook more. The kitchen can be a place to get grounded and calm your mind through cooking.

Part cookery lesson/part life coaching, you’ll learn a simple tool to help you create a new daily cooking habit and we’ll explore how to de-stress in the kitchen.


Joanna Bourke got into food writing and photography through her blog The Chopping Board, as a way to switch off from a busy tech job.

After leaving the day job to go to cookery school, she now cooks at retreats in Ireland and abroad and offers workshops on mindful cooking, motivation and creating new habits.

Create Courage: embrace your creativity, ignite your courage

A six week exploration to ignite your creative spark, embrace the fears we have around being seen and showing our work, and discover mindfulness and self compassion.


Rachael Lucas is a bestselling author, coach, speaker, and BSoM certified mindfulness teacher. She took her own courageous step into writing at the age of forty when she self-published her first book which became a bestseller.

Rachael now writes both adult and children’s books for Pan Macmillan, as well as coaching and running workshops. She lives by the seaside with her family and a growing number of animals.