Like most of the women I coach, you might decide it’s time to work with me because you are ready to change your story.

Maybe you have been feeling a bit ‘meh’ for a long time,
but you don’t quite know how to change things.

Perhaps you are almost ready to make a shift in your life, but you don’t want
to get it wrong, appear selfish or be disappointed.

It could be that you are feeling ‘lost at sea’ after a significant
or unexpected change in your life.

This time of transition is a wild and unknown place.

I am unconditionally committed
to your self-belief

Coaching with me is about learning to trust, know and accept your whole self.

We’ll explore the experiences that form your story, and how these threads are woven into the wider narrative patterns of your life.

Our sessions are a safe container where your messy, human bits are very welcome.

Your doubts, fears and uncertainties won’t magically vanish, but you will understand why they are here.

You’ll discover what your wise heart is asking you to pay attention to.

And you’ll cultivate self-acceptance, self-trust and self-belief (the best kind of selfies).

This is how you become the author of your own story. It’s how you show up to your life, fully and authentically. I believe this is how you create a feeling of home inside you.

There will be deep transformations, belly laughs and as much compassion as you can handle.

My approach is heartfelt and effective,
deeply intuitive and immediately applicable to your life.

Before I worked with Sas, I felt stuck in a rut and going round in circles, knowing I needed to make change, but being very fearful and confused about what, when and how.  Sas challenges you, encourages you, empathises with you and helps you feel nurtured and supported on your journey.

Since we’ve worked together I’ve been able to gain clarity about my situation, take steps to make major change and understand myself a lot better. I have become more of a champion for myself. I cannot recommend Sas highly enough.

Fiona F


Wanting to explore coaching was like an itch with me. I knew I wanted to do it but I really wasn’t sure what I wanted to talk about or if it would make a difference. I am so glad I took the plunge.

Sas has a way of getting you to really think about what is behind the issue and since working with her I have come to terms with things that had been concerning me for years.  I have accepted myself for who I am and I feel so much more confident in my own instincts now.

Sas helped me see things more clearly and gave me the reassurance I needed at some difficult points in my life. I heartily recommend the experience.

Corinne Phillips

Textile Artist

I remember clearly that after I hit the button to pay for my coaching package with Sas, I thought: ‘Right, well that’s a waste of money because I do not have the balls to change my life’. Before I started coaching with Sas, my wildest dreams, and my biggest fears seemed all wrapped up together in a big mess that was keeping me stuck and unhappy.

Sas – with her amazing way of encouraging, cheerleading, ass-kicking, and bullshit-calling – has helped me to unpack all of that and find my way through. And that change I’d never have the balls to make? Yeah. I made it! Sas brought genuine magic to our work together.

Debra Cowie

Photographer & Stylist

Without any doubt, it is the best investment I have ever made in myself. There were tears and laughter, resistance and swearing, all the time knowing that Sas is a total master at sensing where the tightest knots really are and then gently but firmly encouraging you to unpick them.

It’s been like adding the final pieces to a puzzle that I’ve been grappling with for years. There are small tangible differences, such as the pleasure of coloured nail varnish – and monumental paradigm shifts where I have been able to explore how it is that I view the world and how I live in it – with physical, emotional and spiritual elements overlapping and intermingling.

Dr Rae Ritchie

Writer, Blogger, Coach

You’re in safe hands

I’ve radically changed my life and coached with hundreds of people to change theirs.

I have a Masters Degree in Coaching & Mentoring. My dissertation was a deep study into the experience of self-doubt. And I’ve trained with the Centre for Narrative Coaching, Dr. Martha Beck and the Coaches Training Institute.

Underneath the book-smarts, runs my intuitive felt-sense of what in you, is asking for our attention.

I’m committed to supporting you to reach the goals you have for yourself, even when you own belief falters. You can expect deep listening, compassionate challenge, as well as the tools and encouragement to take meaningful action.

Shall we do this?

  • We’ll meet for six sessions over three months.
  • Each session is for 60 minutes and we meet over the phone. This means we can work together no matter where you live in the world, with minimum disruption.
  • I record all of our sessions and they are kept secure and confidential between us. Clients often say that hearing their own voice tell their story, is deeply healing and revelatory (I promise it’s only awkward the first time!)
  • In between sessions you’ll be able to practice and experiment who you are becoming out in the wild.
  • I’m available to you for additional support over email throughout our coaching agreement.
  • You can choose to make one payment of £767 or three monthly payments of £267.

*I am currently booked up until July 2017
please click here to get on the waitlist*


Please fee free to email me anytime. We can discuss working together, if coaching is for you, and if I’m the right coach for you.


Questions you might have:

Why do I need a coach?

The thing is, you really don’t need a coach. You’re smart, thoughtful, self-aware. You’re perfectly capable of reading All The Books, making plans, taking steps and over time, figuring everything out.

But I bet you’ve been doing this on your own for a while right? And my guess is that ‘results are variable’ – some days you are rocking it, on others you feel a bit lost. I imagine that sometimes you are left feeling confused and frustrated that you’re dealing with the same damn problem, for the eleventy-hundredth time.

It’s really hard to see the way forward when we’re sitting in the middle of it. Having a coach makes it SO much easier to shortcut through the obstacles and challenges; to make sense of who you are in the world.

I’ve never invested in myself like this before. How can I justify this kind of expense?

The first time I was coached I wasn’t comfortable with the investment of time, money or energy – the entire experience was right on all my edges. But I have never, ever regretted it.

When you make the choice to invest in coaching, you are doing something really courageous. You are saying to yourself that you’re ready to try new things, to ask for help, to take responsibility for actively participating in the creation of your life. Amazing things will happen from that deceptively simple, life-changing decision.

How will I know that coaching has helped me? And how quickly will I get results?

You’ll see positive changes in both the external reality and internal experience of your life.

The external changes are tangible and involve progress towards whatever you bring to coaching: perhaps it’s about finding love, changing your relationship with your body, or finding your purpose.

The unseen changes are less easy to measure but are powerful and long-lasting. You think and feel completely differently about your life. You’ll have much deeper levels of self-awareness, self-belief, and self-trust, and you’ll be armed with new tools and resources. For some clients, the insights and new perspectives from our first session can mean changes start happening right away. For others, it’s a slower, steadier process.

What’s the difference between coaching and therapy?

Coaching is for people who are emotionally healthy and focuses on growth and development. It’s about discovering what makes you unique – your experiences, your natural strengths, what you value and the thoughts you are thinking about yourself and your life – for the purpose of helping you create what you want.

Generally, therapeutic interventions help people who are experiencing psychological disharmony and often involve diagnosis and treatment. Sometimes clients like to work with a therapist in tandem to coaching. Sometimes we find that coaching might not be the best thing for you right now.

If I’m not quite ready for coaching, how can I get to know you better?

Each month I write a newsletter called  Notes from the Path – it’s a great way of dipping your toes into the lake that is my approach to coaching. I also write blog posts a few times a month and we can connect on the Book o’Faces and Instagram.

In 2017 I’ll also be running workshops here in the UK. I’d love to see you there!

We’re all just walking each other home.
~ Ram Dass

What people say
about coaching with me…

I feel validated. Life doesn’t have to be hard work – it really doesn’t.

This is amazing, honestly, I’ve had great experiences of coaching, but this feels truly transformational.

Kate Bacon

Kate Bacon Yoga

After coaching with Sas I know I am worthy and capable of being my best bad-ass self, loving this new life and creating magic and possibility every single day! PTSD had been kicking my butt for several years and recovery had been expensive, painful, soul-sucking and slow.

Through Sas’ coaching, I found long forgotten joy, colour and hope bubbling up in my body. Sas’ supportive inquiry, deep questions, fun homework, and faith in me, produced deep healing at a core level. Sas rocks – just find a way to do it!

Marilyn Turnley

Saskatchewan, Canada

Sas helped me to find clarity and meaning in my idea and lovingly championed me as I launched a second business! I hired Sas because I wanted someone to call bullshit on my sophisticated inner critic and I wanted to be witnessed, championed, and encouraged.

I had an idea that wouldn’t go away and come hell or high-water, I needed this idea to be birthed. I was getting stuck in the weeds, over analyzing everything and feeling defeated before I had really begun. Sas helped me to reclaim aspects of my essential self that I had been ignoring for far too long. My inner rebel is immensely grateful.

Jac Macneil

Thought Partner for Women Leaders

I have lost 20lb so far and am still losing, but this is a side effect of the real gold. What I love the most is that Sas has taught me that everything comes from within me, not from somewhere outside of me. I have learned how powerful I am in my close relationships where previously I saw myself as the victim.

I have grown in ways that I had not imagined I could. Now I love my body, I’m comfortable in my skin, I feel sexy and so grateful to my body for all that it does for me. Sas has given me tools that will serve me for the rest of my life – the changes have just been monumental.

Kate Megeary

Coaching with Sas was a last-ditch effort on my part to get my business off the ground — less than a year later, I’d launched with a beautiful Web presence and print media (with masses of help from a wonderfully-in-sync designer and brand strategist that Sas recommended), and I’m blogging regularly.

I also have started taking on clients and I have lots of awesome plans for my business that I can’t wait to share. It’s all come from a deep wellspring deep within me — with Sas’s help, I was able to tap it and no longer be scared or nervous about letting it loose! Sas is all manner of fire and purpose tempered with grace. I cannot thank Sas enough.

Heather Veitch

Sas is unconditional love in action, a modern-day wise woman. She does not change your life with the wave of a magic wand, but intuitively listens and provokes you to get to your soul’s root.

You do the work; she is there to offer another perspective via thoughtful, transformative questions and comments. 



Working with Sas has been the best investment I have made in myself in a very long time. I was fighting debilitating anxiety on a daily basis and could not see a way past it.

With Sas’ help, incredibly practical advice, tools and encouragement, I was able to take an honest, in-depth look at my thoughts, feelings and actions and literally turn my daily life around. I have found resilience, which is long-lasting – it’s a part of me now and not just a practice. I feel I’m on the path I am meant to be on – what an awesome way to feel!

Milenna, UK

For the first time in my life, I’m choosing to follow my heart over what I think I am obliged to do. I was always rushing from one project to the next, looking for happiness and validation from the outside.

Sas worked with me to identify the negative beliefs keeping me trapped in this cycle and to let them go. Working with Sas has allowed me to find a peace I would never have discovered otherwise. I don’t know where this adventure will take me, but I’m very much enjoying the ride!

Kate Evans

Working with Sas was a transformative experience with reverberations across my personal and professional life. Thought wrangling is a perfect description of what Sas does. She sits with you while you unpack the messy boxes of thoughts, baggage and dreams and asks the questions that help you understand what you’re seeing and how to deal with it all.

There is no judgement, just humour and insight and guidance all put out there with lots of love and focus.



Coaching with Sas was brilliant. Posed questions which made me think differently. Offered some really useful tools and techniques which I am still using.

End result a more confident and happier me. Big recommendation!

Jane Shuttleworth


I’ve learnt to trust myself in a way I never dreamed would be possible. Working with Sas is like looking into a mirror, but a magical one. In this mirror, my mess turned into harmony, my fumbling into clarity, and my fear dissolved into joy and laughter.

I have awesome tools to work with. And listen, you don’t have to have a nervous breakdown and be all weird before you sign up! Everyone can stand to be more fabulous. Sas will get you there.

Inger Dybvig Kenobi

I felt trapped and stuck and after the very first session, Sas got me really thinking about my life in a dynamic and radically different way.

I have learned so much about myself and the things holding me back with the help of Sas’s clear thinking and incredible insight. She gives you practical solutions and helps you build a plan that actually feels possible. I didn’t expect to laugh as much in our sessions as I do! This isn’t an easy way to change your life – Sas makes you do the work too – but it is definitely worth it.


The changes to my life since I coached with Sas, have been huge and numerous. My thinking is purposeful and constructive; I’m present to the little moments of magic that occur with my darling family.

I’ve gone from feeling invisible and unnecessary to recognising the value I bring at home and at work. I accept me – quirks and all. I now have a toolkit of support to help me enjoy the life I have and deal with the inevitable ups and downs at work and at home. As my 6-year old would say, it’s “whizz-bang!”


Wellington, New Zealand

The lasting impact is more than I had hoped for. I unexpectedly lost my mum a few days after approaching Sas for coaching – and can honestly say I couldn’t have been in safer, kinder, wiser hands, at such a raw, yet purposeful time.

Sas brings a wisdom that is magical, but always had me feeling as though we were meeting as fellow travellers on the journey – what felt like ease and flow in the sessions, was supported by rigour and follow-up outside the sessions.

Jacqui Sjenitzer

Psychologist & Coach

Exploring my path of resistance with Sas has pushed me through personal barriers that I didn’t even realize existed after 20+ years of therapy. Sas creates a safe atmosphere that gives you the permission you didn’t realize you were seeking. Our sessions provided me with the courage to leap and I feel as if I am soaring.

Jen Everitt

My sessions with Sas have laid the foundations for my future; solid, rooted in kindness and full of love. Sas has helped me understand myself on a level that I have never experienced before.

Her intuitive and gentle guidance towards the issues being discussed is effortless and her wicked sense of humour makes our sessions relaxed and full of ease. I feel seen. I feel cherished. I feel powerful.


I cannot believe how easy it is to talk with Sas, and how quickly she is able to get to the core issues that block me from having the life I want. People in my life notice I am more relaxed, happy and fun to be around.


After a six-year upward trend, the scale is now moving downward. I’ve been struggling with my weight for three decades and was convinced I was broken beyond repair. But our sessions have proved I’m not a weight-loss unicorn after all!

By working on my thoughts and deepest, longest-held beliefs I’m making real changes in my life – slowly, gently, and more surprising of all… easily. The best part is that the weight loss feels like a happy bonus, amongst a new calmness of mind, body, and spirit. 


I’ll really never be able to think in the same way again! Working with Sas has helped me to understand that everything in my life stems from my thoughts, all of which are completely under my control.

My neural pathways have been altered, like a bloody mind-blowing paradigm shift!



I came to Sas feeling buried under the weight of some pretty big shit. I left our session feeling like I had lost 85 pounds. She’s one part love, one part magic, and one part kick-ass coach.

Sas is the absolute real deal.

Laurie Jacobsen


Before I started coaching with Sas, I was feeling frustrated by all the years I’d spent in therapy and all the self-study I’d done to try to improve my life and feel better. But I felt stalled.

Coaching with Sas has helped me so much, even in just a few sessions. Sas provided the missing links for me, and for that I am grateful.


I couldn’t get past a relationship issue and Sas was able to offer me practical guidance towards a new way of looking at my particular situation, and how I operate in the world. I learnt how to really be in my own business.


Sas has a knack for immediately cutting through deep-seated beliefs I hold and getting down to the real business of what is holding me back. Despite working through my most uncomfortable fears, coaching sessions with Sas are effortless and always fun.

I hired Sas for support during recovery from a long illness and to help determine what it is I really want to do in life. She more than delivered on both counts and brings an irresistible blend of wise counsel, inspiration, kindness and humour to every session. I am forever grateful to her.


Sas’ tender questioning, practical suggestions, and rousing encouragement guided me through a truly transformational process.

It’s like having the kind of cool older sister that only seems to exist in films, except this one is absolutely real and she doesn’t just offer sage words but has an awesome toolkit for creating real tangible shifts. Thanks to working with Sas, I am not only leading a revolution in my own life but feel capable of doing so.


Working with Sas has been life altering. Her coaching style creates a safe, loving, gentle environment that fosters the perfect space to explore and play, while also digging deep within. Sas is the most intuitive soul I’ve ever met. If anyone is looking to amp up their life, connect with this woman. She is a freaking rockstar!


After yet another burnout, to do with work, I asked Sas to help me figure out how to get myself back to centre. Sas offered new perspectives and taught me some wonderful tools that I have been able to use to ‘check in’ with myself and to reframe situations. I highly recommend hiring Sas as a guide!


Sas has some kind of magic. With Sas’ support, I’ve turned a path filled with fear into one that has become a journey back home to my own self. Her perspective is fresh and personalised.

Even after one session, I knew this was the best choice I’ve made in a long time.


I knew I needed help navigating through a time of high transition in my life and from our very first session, I felt as though Sas knew me. She is adept at putting me at ease with my situation and any circumstances I find myself facing.

Her gift to me has been opening my eyes to my own power and wisdom. After each session, I’m left with an amazing sense of clarity and being understood. Sas is a delight! I can’t thank her enough for the sense of stability and calmness she has helped me achieve.


Being coached by Sas is both safe and scary…she has the ability to make you feel secure and valued yet constantly provokes and challenges to get the best from you.

Her intuition was frankly amazing and allowed me to fully explore who I really was. The transformation is evident and I am grateful for her championing of me – I felt ‘seen’ and felt appreciated for it.


Shall we do this?

  • We’ll meet for six sessions over three months.
  • Each session is for 60 minutes and we meet over the phone. This means we can work together no matter where you live in the world, with minimum disruption.
  • I record all of our sessions and they are kept secure and confidential between us. Clients often say that hearing their own voice tell their story, is deeply healing and revelatory (I promise it’s only awkward the first time!)
  • In between sessions you’ll be able to practice and experiment who you are becoming out in the wild.
  • I’m available to you for additional support over email throughout our coaching agreement.
  • You can choose to make one payment of £767 or three monthly payments of £267.

*I am currently booked up until July 2017
please click here to get on the waitlist*


Please fee free to email me anytime. We can discuss working together, if coaching is for you, and if I’m the right coach for you.