Your self-doubt has absolutely nothing to do with your capability.

Self-doubt is inherently protective – always on the lookout for any risk of loss, disappointment or rejection – it strikes because what you are longing for, really matters to you.

Self-doubt is often the greatest barrier between us and our dreams.

We can expel a tonne of energy dodging the discomfort of self-doubt (my favourites: procrastibaking and Netflix).
And then blame ourselves for making zero progress towards what we really want.

Being stuck in self-doubt is full of disappointment, sadness, and shame. It can be heart-breaking.

Are you stuck in the Self-doubt loop?

Self-doubt is a completely understandable, logical and sane response to psychological risk.

The good news is, we don’t have to stay stuck in the loop. To find our way out, we all need a map.

Your Self-belief Map is a six-week group coaching programme to help you navigate through your Self-doubt.

Using proven approaches, practical tools and effective resources, you’ll be deeply supported to make sense of your particular flavour of self-doubt, and minimise the ways it is holding you back, while honouring your particular circumstances, values, needs and preferences.

You’ll make tangible changes in how you think and feel and in what you create and do.

This programme has been life-changing. There have been so many WOW moments – like understanding the existence of unconscious beliefs; a complete revelation to me and when I dug them up my self-doubt made perfect sense! I could see how I have spent years waiting for everything to be perfect until I took action. The development of tangible self-belief has been so FABULOUS – I feel I have a new kind of toolkit. This has been invaluable as I create change which is so challenging to me and it’s probably where I’ve experienced the most self-doubt about my ability to carry things through. I’ve been programmed to WORKING HARD for things for so long, it’s often difficult for me to step back, make space and let the self-belief fill that space. The quality of support throughout the course from Sas was a perfect balance of hearing me and challenging me. The more time you can put aside to go through the lessons then so much the better – there is meaty gold in every lesson and having time to think and reflect is really important. The six weeks went so fast and it was quite emotionally intense in places: prepare for lots of tears! For anyone wanting to get to know their self-doubt – DO THIS COURSE – it is incredible value for money and worth every single penny.

Debbie Battersby

Sas’s programme was exactly what I needed to improve my life. After years of classical psychotherapy, there were still some parts of my life that did not feel taken care of; the biggest being anxiety experienced from a sense that I lacked personal power. Instead of trying to fix what’s wrong with me, Your Self-belief Map helped me to feel, understand, accept and change some of my behaviours. It’s much deeper than anything else I’ve done. Sas’ profound kindness and sense of humour made a huge difference. I loved that there was no bullshit language – just helpful practical guidance. I was able to use everything I learnt very quickly and it was so helpful to be part of a small and supportive group. Even if you thing you’ve done so many things for yourself, try this. You’ll shift your perspective of how you’re living your life and claim a more vibrant one!

Anna Piot

Coach & Therapist

Enrolment is now closed and the next class opens Autumn 2018

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Your Self-Belief Map includes:

A rich, effective, proven programme designed to be implemented during our time together. You will not be overwhelmed with content and you can’t get behind.

Six Modules. Taking less than an hour to complete, each Module acts as stepping stone to take you through a thoughtful process. Each is designed to spark revelations, deepen insight, and enable you to take action with a spirit of experimentation and compassion.

*LIVE* group workshops! We’ll gather together at specific times during the programme, to go through programme material as a group. These calls are a mix of teaching, coaching, learning and sharing and are always recorded.

Safe, supportive community. Our discussion forum is separate from all other social media. We’ll share our learnings and insights, connect with and contribute to each others learning experience. Because self-doubt totally takes a village.

Multi-media learning. Each module is comprised of a brief background summary and an interactive Workbook. All the material is in written and audio formats. You’ll be able to work through the material in whatever way suits you.

On-going Support for 12 weeks. Following the 6 week programme, I’ll be available for a total of three months to support you to implement your learning. Because it’s often when we start to apply changes, that we need more help. You won’t have to do this alone.

I can’t recommend this course highly enough for anyone who feels frozen by their self-doubt – it really has made me reevaluate my whole life and went far beyond my initial expectations. I signed up to Your Self Belief Map because I wanted to improve my business networking, something I felt incapable of because of fear and self-doubt. Right from the start, the course was informative and engaging, and Sas’s support was immediate. I felt able to ask for help on the Forum, especially after the group live chat, where everyone shared such similar fears to mine. Since starting the course, I have been to a networking event that I would NEVER have done without the work I did here, and have started implementing real changes. I am becoming more open to talking about myself, and even my successes (occasionally) and I have stopped panicking (a bit less, anyway!) about wanting huge success immediately.

Penny Badowska

The approach Sas uses in Your Self-belief Map led to some profound new insights for me.  I have a much better understanding of who I am and my unconscious beliefs, this has helped me to feel so much better equipped to plan where I want to go next. Understanding what’s going on in that head of mine has helped my confidence and I don’t appear to be going into those spirals of self-doubt anymore. I loved that the whole programme is evidence based. It’s all stayed with me and I’m still using what I learnt months later.

Jane Shuttleworth

I never thought this would be as transformative as it was. Sas’ approach is so open and honest and welcoming, it felt personal and intimate. The process in Your Self-belief Map is truly gentle (which was just what I needed), but also so effective. Honestly, I think that was the trick –  the process was so easy, my guard was down and I was able to see connections between my life and self-doubt that I’d never seen before, and not from lack of trying! Even though the formal class is over I continue to look back at the workbooks and my notes and utilize the process to keep shining light where darkness had once taken hold.

Laurie Matthews

My approach is research-based, practical, fun and deeply compassionate.

I have an MA in Coaching and Mentoring from Oxford Brookes University, and my Master’s dissertation was a deep study into self-doubt. At the core of my coaching methodology are proven approaches for cultivating self-acceptance, self-trust, and self-belief. I believe this is the basis for personal transformation and I’ve helped hundreds of people to change how they think and feel about their lives. Self-doubt is my story too. I spent decades (I’m a slow learner!) wading through the treacle of over-delivering, people pleasing and feeling like a fraud. It was exhausting and lonely. There is a way out.

I’d love to help you navigate through your self-doubt.

Got doubts?

I enrol in programmes with great intentions and... never start.

Me too! Your Self-Belief Map was created with my fellow Procrastinators in mind. Module One is a live group workshop – we’ll go through the exercise together and you’ll get off to a flying start. There is another live workshop in week four and each weekly module takes less than an hour to complete. You’ll have lifetime access to all programme materials and the workshop recordings.

I wish I had big dreams, but self-doubt stops me from doing everything.

Self-doubt is triggered on the basis of risk – how vulnerable something feels – rather than the size of your dream or the impact it might have. This is why our experience of self-doubt can seem overwhelming and disproportionate. In Your Self-belief Map, we’ll spend time exploring the (often unconscious) beliefs that have led to your extreme response.  The approaches we’ll use will help you, whatever the size or scope of your dream.

I have no willpower to make any changes.

If willpower hasn’t helped you make changes, I am not surprised! When we push against our resistance, it tends to resist us. One of the biggest myths of working through self-doubt is that you need to put your energy into ‘just doing it’. But resistance is our very natural response to the discomfort self-doubt creates. In Your Self-belief Map, we will be addressing the causes of your self-doubt, rather than trying to overcome the symptoms of it. As you uncover the very understandable reasons for the ways you hold yourself back, your resistance naturally decreases as does the need for all that willpower.

I tend to hide in big groups of people and I need time to process new information.

It’s really important to me that you feel seen and heard and that you feel safe. Regardless of how many people enrol in Your Self-belief Map, we will create small classrooms or lounges. This means you will have a cohort of people that you can get to know and there will be time and space for you to be supported. There is also the option for 1:1 coaching support with me.

I'm worried I won't be able to do this right.

I love that about you. But you can’t do this wrong! Each of the exercises has been thoughtfully created to allow you to have your own experience. From Week One you will have new understandings and practical approaches you can experiment with. There is no pass/fail here (I am wise to your perfectionist ways).

I get easily overwhelmed with too much information.

Being inundated with material can trigger our doubt and resistance like nothing else. Unfortunately, so many teachers mistake volume for value – this is not that. For each module, I try to give you just enough information to understand the relevance and intention behind it. 80% of the process is about your experience and you taking action.

I give up as soon as it gets hard (and then I eat my feelings).

I know how lonely it is, when it feels like you are the only one who isn’t feeling all hopeful and positive. Usually, this is because we are doing such a great job of keeping ourselves safe. It’s completely understandable to be worried about shining a light on your self-doubt. I’m right with you. This is a safe and supportive place and there is nothing you could reveal about yourself that would be unacceptable. There are small class sizes and our discussion forum is separate from all other social media. Personal coaching is also available.

I have another question.

I’m so happy to answer any questions you might have – in the first instance email me at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

Enrolment is now closed and the next class opens Autumn 2018

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