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the science behind the myth of enoughness

April 20, 2017

Well, we survived spent Easter in the Brecon Beacons! For four days we lived in a small wooden cabin with no electricity and one hot water tap. We cooked on a little gas camping stove and paper-scissored-rocked to be first in the bathwater. During the day we explored the mountains before returning to read books and do […]

the bare-assed minimums

October 08, 2015

I used to fantasise all the time about being in an accident. Nothing too disfiguring or debilitating, just something to put me in a coma for about six weeks. I made sure this was stated on every formal risk register (we called it a ‘Key Man Risk’ and used fancy words like mitigation and succession planning). […]

ruling over my martyrdom

September 30, 2015

yesterday at 10,000 feet above England, en route to Boston Whenever I am on a longish flight, I regularly check the flight information. I find it deeply reassuring to watch the tiny graphic aeroplane slowly progressing towards our destination on a one dimensional map of Earth. I love knowing how the rest of the day […]

anniversary, the third

June 27, 2014

He’d made a dinner reservation at the hotel overlooking the mouth of the Sienne, and it was such a long way to drive, why didn’t we stay? And so thats how we ended up eating under centuries old oak beams which used to be La Ferme Saint Simeon Inn. For 40 years after 1825, jugs of […]

the loosening

June 24, 2014

We’ve been here for four days. Or is it 47? I can’t remember the last time I felt so… languid. Everything has slowed right down, to this drowsy summer pace and I can’t even half finish a crossword to save myself. Its been this crazy six months of leaving London and moving house and the Phd […]

pygmy hippos for easter

April 22, 2014

In less than a month *crosses everything* we’ll be leaving Londontown for our little house in the woods. So we decided to stay here for Easter and do thrilling Londony things. Of course, for three days, it rained. On the upside I did manage to make sense of a squillion paypal receipts and several dozen emails all […]