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voices rising :: nothing happened in the woods

March 08, 2017

I heard snuffling and panting and turned around to see a large dog on the path. He was stocky and grey and reminded me of our big cat, Rex. His face was scarred and scratched, his eyes beady: he was an old soldier and he had clearly been in more than a few battles. My inclination was […]

be the change: it matters more than ever

January 30, 2017

I believe wounded people create a wounded world. And so before we can become effective agents for change, we must tend the personal wounds that stir our reactive emotions, cloud our vision, and cause us to act unconsciously in ways that undermine our intentions and values. The willingness to look at our wounds is a […]

10 reasons to be hopeful in the heart of the bleak midwinter

December 20, 2016

Occasionally, my car sat-nav fails to acknowledge that roads actually exist. So just before I took this photo, I was on an ‘imaginary’ road. It was muddy, foggy and dark; there were no other cars and no phone signal (which always makes me a bit nervous). As I approached this bend, the winter sun broke […]

you do not have to be good

October 21, 2015

Monday was my 42nd birthday. And 42 is of course, the answer to life, the universe and everything. I had this idea of going Oprah-esque and writing about the forty-two things I know for sure, but the words had all the oompf of a damp box of matches, left me feeling preachy and blergh and I […]

show me your thing

May 05, 2015

Badger & Rex: both excellent sunbathers since birth Gran was a huge fan of wallpaper. And when I was little, I stayed at Gran’s most Saturday nights. My room was covered in a spectacular fleur-de-lis of mauve, gold and silver. On Sunday mornings I would switch on the little radio next to my bed to listen to Storytime: Bad Jelly the […]

nowhere to hide

November 26, 2014

A few months before my last drink, I had my first experience of meditation. I listened to a Siddha Yoga CD of Mum’s, sat still/prayed/asked for help/did the ugly cry. It was messy and awkward, and I just thought I was doing it all wrong, and seriously you just sit here? But during that half […]