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wales, puppies, ghosts and macrame for easter

April 13, 2017

I’ve kind of lost my blogging mojo a bit over the last few weeks. However. I just listened to this cracking podcast interview of two of my favourite online Brit birds, Kate Molesworth & Sara Tasker, chatting about why blogging is not dead. And given it’s Easter and the theme of resurrection is in the […]

fun bobby was wrong: the unexpected lightness of being five years sober

January 03, 2017

Yesterday in the woods behind our house. Awake, grateful, sober, and still occasionally, quite fun. Do you remember Fun Bobby? He was a very minor character on Friends. He was *super fun*. And then he got sober and became stiflingly earnest and dull. And we never saw him again. I was terrified of becoming Fun Bobby. […]

10 reasons to be hopeful in the heart of the bleak midwinter

December 20, 2016

Occasionally, my car sat-nav fails to acknowledge that roads actually exist. So just before I took this photo, I was on an ‘imaginary’ road. It was muddy, foggy and dark; there were no other cars and no phone signal (which always makes me a bit nervous). As I approached this bend, the winter sun broke […]

five lessons from sharing work with the world (aka: waking up at 4am with the feeling that I accidentally posted nude pics of myself on the internet)

July 19, 2016

Being inspired to create helpful, useful, beautiful things is one of my all-time favourite parts of this self-employment gig. I’ve found I love conceiving an idea and hunkering down to bring it to life (even the days where I lose an entire afternoon to carpool karaoke and a giant bag of malteasers, because this thing I’m […]