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re-entry lessons: is this freedom or chaos?

June 08, 2018

This post was first shared with the Thoughtful Coaches Insider community.  ——— So I went to Italy. To Jane’s Loving Kindness Retreat. And I honestly thought I would get so much work done. At the very least, writing my new course and planning out the rest of the year. Oh I had such high hopes […]

five diets ALL women should be on!

June 28, 2017

1. The Apologising Diet Do you apologise when you bump into pieces of furniture? Do you have a verbal tic of starting every sentence with ‘Sorry…’. This one’s for you! Who are you apologising to? What are you apologising for? If there is nothing requiring your sorry, you can safely ban the entire ‘unnecessary penance’ food […]

how to believe in yourself when you’re self-employed

June 08, 2017

Most business owners will tell you, being able to feed your family from the contents of your very own imagination is one of the most fulfilling sources of joyful pride, ever. Less discussed, is that it can also resemble something like intense daily therapy. When you’re self-employed, alongside the complete autonomy, comes ultimate responsibility. It’s […]

how are you at getting your ducks into an organised arrangement?

December 07, 2016

If all the strategic planning meetings I have ever sat through were laid end to end, I bet they would reach the moon. Managers LOVE a good strategic planning meeting. Put that in the invitation title and they’ll show up with a hint of swagger, their Blackberries fully charged and snugly housed in little belt […]

letting go of binary failure: embracing my inner pirate

October 26, 2016

Back in my days of running big complex risky programmes, we were obsessed with RAG Statuses (Stati?). Every conceivable risk was added to a spreadsheet; it’s probability and impact weighted in a complicated algorithm, and then colour coded so Senior Managers could understand it. Green meant everything is going to plan, Amber: we need another plan, […]

its my birthday!

October 19, 2016

Today is my 43rd turn around the sun, and to celebrate I have presents for everyone! Please note – all offers are valid for the 19th of October 2016 only. If you require any help or support, please email Shauna who is ready and waiting. If you are curious about coaching with me, or if […]