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on leadership + finding your fire: an interview with Jac McNeil

February 16, 2017

It’s always a slightly odd experience to meet someone you have only known via Skype and Instagram. And it’s even rarer to meet someone who is just exactly who they appear to be online. Jac and I have known each other for a really long time in internet years, and in 2016 our friendship went […]

find your fire retreat : things I want to remember

October 03, 2016

After years of two-dimensional Skyping, my first in-person real-life hug with Jac. The southern drawl of the car hire dude at Asheville Airport. Peppermint tea and big, bold hard conversations with the delightfully fierce Desiree about racism, justice, ‘celebrity’ coaches and where to get the best taco’s in Asheville. Playing Goose to Jac’s Maverick as she […]