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a weekend in mega flight-mode

February 22, 2016

spending the weekend meditating inside a giant copper Jesus: highly recommended After my heart reboot, I had a strong hunch that I needed to learn how to meditate. It was similar to a feeling I get every few months that ‘I should really get my hair cut’: no big deal, but deffo a thing to get sorted. […]

my audacious body

February 10, 2016

Wilson’s research suggests that while our sensory systems can process up to 11 million individual bits of information per second, our conscious awareness can process around 40. In other words your body is aware of a shit-tonne more than your mind. My teacher and mentor Dr Martha Beck has translated this information into a couple of insanely […]

confessions of a low maintenance woman

February 02, 2016

I was never pretty enough to be high maintenance. That life was reserved for lithe blonde volleyball players, who smoked in the bathrooms at lunchtime. They knew how to tear their jeans, crimp their hair and render their eyes doe-like. Their demands were somehow adorable. I watched, as first collective Dad’s and male teachers, and […]