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how do you get things done?

January 26, 2016

I’ve just had the most inspiring and replenishing weekend at a stupidly gorgeous cottage in the Cotswolds in England #donthateme I invited five women, all business owners that I wanted to hang out with, to share and bond and creatively problem solve. Because it can be so freakin’ lonely being self-employed, amiright? Holy crap some […]

coaches :: 5 questions to ask yourself before joining a mentoring group

January 20, 2016

I used to do everything in my coaching practice myself (now referred to as The Knackered and Confused Years). Allowing myself specialist support has prompted every big shift in my work. And I’ve experienced super-powerful supportive challenge, some ineffectual but well-meaning input, and to be honest, some ick-filled overpriced rubbish (NB: do not buy things on the internet while anxious. Or […]

embracing audacity

January 14, 2016

during Hurricane Joaquin, baring my naked heart and shouting my fears to the wild blue sea… This time last year, I wrote about wanting to feel appreciation, fascination, trust. And in 2015 I was thoroughly doused in all three (this writing shit down with intention is all kinds of magic). 2015 was a year of drawing in and absorbing experience, […]

what are you waiting for?

January 05, 2016

I’ve lost years of my life just….waiting. It’s so freakin’ seductive because when I’m waiting, I’m not risking anything and I’m certainly not failing. I see this all the time with coaching clients – and once we know what you are waiting for, we find the quickest way to the other side (life is SO […]