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grateful to the power of ten

November 25, 2015

For our little house on rainy November days. For the fancy wi-fi stereo Mr P set up, so I can play Spotify playlists through the rooms all day. For fairy lights and candles and lamps. For central heating, sleeping cats and never having to do the ironing. For forty-two. For revelling in my ageing self – […]

the awkwardness of the ask

November 18, 2015

I’m asking my future self for something a little like this… I’ve realised recently, just how unpractised (and therefore completely rubbish) I am at asking. For me the entire process can be a belly-churning surge of vulnerability. No wonder I’ve spent several decades consciously avoiding ever asking for help. At work and in relationships or friendships, I much preferred to […]

pretty big magic : for coaches

November 10, 2015

Its a constant source of amazement to me that our bodies remember everything. A whiff of ginger and I am instantly 8 years old standing in the kitchen being handed the treasured ‘end bit’ of Mum’s ginger cake. The opening riff of Billy Bragg’s Must I Paint You a Picture and I am 16 years […]

If we met for tea and cake this afternoon I’d tell you…

November 03, 2015

That I smile every time I remember Dad and Sue are flying all the way from Australia to be at my graduation next Summer (Dad has already bought new shoes and is ‘breaking them in’. Which is the Daddest thing I’ve heard in years). That (when he isn’t hanging out with ex-Prime Ministers) Ash is […]