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how to time-travel every day (without a flux capacitor)

January 27, 2015

Is it weird to have a favourite motorway? Mine is the M40 weaving the 15 miles between Berkshire and Oxfordshire. This part of England is known for red-tailed hawks: ‘Redkites’ and they swoop and glide across the motorway looking for mice in the fields. There is a mile or so through the Chiltern escarpment where […]

how to start

January 20, 2015

What are you thinking about starting? A blog? Art college? A co-operative social enterprise? Yoga? A revolution? What’s stopping you? In 247 days I’ll be handing in 20,000 academically robust words in the form of a masters dissertation. And I am so excited for the moment when I am in a new frock, cap and […]

paddling my own canoe

January 13, 2015

{This is the final part of a series of posts about me & God: click for One, Two, Three and Four} In book VIII of the Republic, Plato describes democracy as ‘full of variety and disorder, dispensing a sort of equality to equals and unequal’s alike’. If it weren’t the small matter of 16oo odd […]

an invitation to be kind (despite, you know, people)

January 08, 2015

Hello loves! Today I’m wiping the egg off my tie and pulling on my tweedy trousers, to share my first piece of independant academic research. Its all about the impact of undertaking acts of kindness and the results have been unexpected and fascinating! In this short video I’m telling you all about it: Here’s my […]

2014: safety not guaranteed

January 02, 2015

My word for 2014 was Ease. For most of the year, my word and I seemed to be playing hide and seek with each other. I found my way eventually, but bloody hell I think it will be a lifelong re-remembering process. After nearly-two-decades of corporateering, last December I became a full-time Ladypreneur. And mostly, […]