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the door that opened the real door

December 31, 2014

{This is Part Four in a series of posts about me & God: click for One, Two and Three} By the time I met the shaman, life was way simpler. I had been off work for a few months, and I’d rediscovered my love of baking. I was rested, healthy, happy and developing a plan […]

stardust, poetry, and theoretical physics

December 21, 2014

{This is Part Three in a series of posts about me & God: click for Part One and Part Two} After ‘The Sky Thing’, they were everywhere. I turned on Radio 4 to a discussion about constellations, images of nebulas flooded my Pinterest feed, conversations of random strangers overheard on the Tube were about the cosmos, the night […]

the first miracle

December 16, 2014

‘But… how can you believe this… this SHITE?!’ I spat the words out. I looked at Meg and Jo pleadingly. I was exasperated, angry and more than a little afraid. Because if they really believed what they were saying, then I didn’t see where we could go from here. Meg’s voice was low, kind, careful […]

I got ninety-nine problems with god, but god ain’t one

December 14, 2014

Because of the male pronoun. The father, the son and the holy bloke; Buddha, Allah, Krishna, every Pope, every Archbishop of Canterbury and (until recently) all the reverends, priests and pastors. It seems to me that feminist theologian Mary Daly was right: ‘if God is male then the male is God‘. Every religious tradition has […]

a dozen christmases without you

December 10, 2014

I felt inexplicably out of sorts yesterday. There was a spectacular sunrise and I managed to do some reading for my uni assignment, but then I ended up watching a movie and crying and eating all the things and blergh. And when I logged off last night, I realised that it has been twelve years […]

why the pursuit of coffee matters

December 03, 2014

I’m writing this from our kitchen table, and I’ve been ruminating on how I’ve reached the limits of my imagination. The last few years have been all about getting to here, I never wondered what came after this. And I’ve just noticed that we are running out of coffee. Which is the perfect metaphor for […]