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burning down the london candle

April 29, 2014

Apparently, not long after we returned to Blighty, Mr P innocently raised the notion of us ever possibly living somewhere in England outside of London. And my response (apparently) was: ‘Are you fucking crazy? The rest of this country is a cultural wasteland!’ My open-mindedness is one of the things I love most about me. I’ve […]

pygmy hippos for easter

April 22, 2014

In less than a month *crosses everything* we’ll be leaving Londontown for our little house in the woods. So we decided to stay here for Easter and do thrilling Londony things. Of course, for three days, it rained. On the upside I did manage to make sense of a squillion paypal receipts and several dozen emails all […]

tales from the coaching couch ~ worrier to warrior

April 16, 2014

Today’s episode came out of a fascinating conversation on the book o’faces and I’m so grateful to lovely Kerstin for the inspiration.   For all the well-intentioned hand-wringers out there – today we are talking about worry! In the video I’m revealing the sneaky ways we are seduced by worry and why it can be […]

soundtrack to your life | halley gray

April 11, 2014

I’m so excited to introduce you guys to a key member of Team Sas – please meet Halley Gray – owner and marketing strategist of Evolve & Succeed – she is splendid!  Halley has worked with online peeps such as Michelle Ward, Tiffany Han, Lola Falk, Jen Lee (and me!) to get us booked out and booming online. Skype […]

what i learnt in the fishbowl

April 08, 2014

Usually when I’m coaching, one of the furs will be asleep on the sofa behind me, or on the desk in front of me. They have a slightly disinterested attitude: as long as the room is warm and the possibility for ear-scratches exists, they’ll sit through anything. On Saturday afternoon though, I coached ‘in the […]

calling bullshit on multi-tasking

April 01, 2014

Since I got home from my California Travellytrip, I’ve felt (to quote my Gran) as if my day consisted of me pushing butter uphill with a red hot poker. Thus: Wake up to Radio 4 grumpy arguments and news of worldwide woe. Make coffee and eggs. Check email while breakfasting in front of the computer. […]