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semi-random thoughts from under a flower moon

April 28, 2013

On Thursday night at almost 11pm, I walked out of my local tube station, the clouds parted and there was a massive, full moon. It felt auspicious. I was a little teary to be honest. Thursday was my last day of my day job contract. I am free FREE AT LAST! Free to do and […]

one hundred journeys

April 23, 2013

It started as a way to uncrappify my commute.  To distill the story of someone in my tube carriage, to the 17 beats of a haiku. This fits perfectly with the limitations of twitter and so #tubeku was born. And the quest for the perfect synonym has been more seductive than I could ever have […]

soundtrack to your life | jessica serran

April 18, 2013

It was love at first tweet for me and Jessica! She is an Artist, Guide and Psycho-cartographer (how awesome is that job title?). As well as helping other artists give voice (and visuals) to the sticking points in their own creative processes, Jessica has been showing and selling her work for the past 10 years. […]

how it happened

April 16, 2013

In July 2007 I was utterly, bone-weary knackered. After six years of London living, I ended a going-nowhere relationship and went back to my hometown of Wellington in New Zealand. I took three months off to renovate my little wooden cottage on the hill. I was hoping to find some peace and quiet, a sense of belonging. And, […]

the last day

April 11, 2013

Mum died just before Christmas in 2002. A few months later, a show called Six Feet Under began airing. I watched the Fisher family compulsively for the next five years; the trajectory of their acerbically rendered grief following my own. The last scene of that show still leaves me breathless (its number 7 on the definitive list […]

well-fed weekend

April 08, 2013

There was a big yellow thing in the sky for the whole weekend! On Saturday Mr P and I mooched along the Thames and saw a massive alien cyclops tree, I made an awesome pearl barley lamb stew, Badger perfected her impersonation of a Furry Starfish. Yesterday I spent the day at Rachel’s Well-fed Women Retreatshop with […]