the only ten things you need to know about life, aka: badger dogma

March 07, 2013


  • Be fearless in love: purr wildly and with abandon whenever the object of ones affections is within whisker-touching distance
  • Ask for help when you go too high or too far, or you cannot get out of the bath
  • Nap restfully and regularly
  • Seek warmth, comfort and cuddles wherever and whenever
  • Fully embody fear, anger, grief, happiness and playfulness
  • Internalise loving feedback from others
  • Acknowledge and enjoy your own attractiveness
  • Recognise hunger and thirst: notice when you are full
  • Fly your freak flag high (even if this reveals your favourite thing is to lick the toilet roll and/or get into boxes)
  • Explore the world: treat every wardrobe as if it might lead to Narnia.


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10 Responses to “the only ten things you need to know about life, aka: badger dogma”

  1. Kimberly says:

    This is fantastic! and I love the pic – Great way to start the day with a laugh!

  2. Roxanne says:

    Love this. And Badger is very pretty.

    What is it about cats and small spaces? Once I was doing something in the kitchen, I opened one of the cupboard doors beneath the counter. My kitty snuck in there when I wasn’t looking and then, some time after I closed the cupboard, I was looking everywhere for her, even thought she snuck outside (she was an indoor cat). And then, surprise, I hear some meowing coming from the kitchen! Silly kitty.

  3. Jo says:

    She is my favourite cat that is alive. True. ( I have to qualify that statement just in case ‘someone’ is listening.)

  4. Meg says:

    Isn’t it astounding how much wisdom a moggy’s life can encapsulate! Maybe it has something to do with their godly ancestry – if the ancient Egyptians are to be believed… (And yes, we have gateways to Narnia too!)

  5. The divine Ms G says:

    Badger has done the impossible, she has made me love a cat.

  6. I’m sick and in bed. Then I read this. I am still sick and in bed but I’m smiling. Both my cats are here with me and are relieved that I finally get it! :) They send their thanks.