pre-spring weekend: its all a bit brighter and cheerfuller

March 03, 2013







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10 Responses to “pre-spring weekend: its all a bit brighter and cheerfuller”

  1. The divine Ms H says:

    LOVING the frock! x

  2. The divine Ms G says:

    H is very close to G on the keyboard. x

  3. karen says:

    oh to have a blossoming tree! Soon, very soon. Your desk area looks inspiring and I wonder what book is opened-I love little books :)

  4. keishua says:

    great dress and desk!

  5. heathermama says:

    your bedroom looks so cozy and inviting, you must never want to leave there. lol

  6. Fanny says:

    “Cheerfuller” = my new favorite word. Love that pic of happiness among the notebooks, papers and hot beverages. (Over from Amanda’s.)

  7. amanda says:

    cheerfuller! yes. exactly. and what a perfect word.

    also: the dress. dying! you’ll look amazing in it!