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the perks of marrying a wallflower

February 27, 2013

I always thought there was something wrong with me. A relationship would get past the initial few months of loved-upness and I would feel things change. Having been out in the world with my new love, I would find myself looking for excuses to avoid their big group of friends, the endless list of social […]

four day weekend

February 24, 2013

Thursday ~ a drive to the countryside for a long awaited catch-up with Jo and Meg. A pub lunch of soup and sticky toffee pudding. Discussing everything from the books and articles we have read, the films we have seen, to wolf, red kite and elephant totems, quantum physics and the energy fields of elk […]

soundtrack to your life | shauna reid

February 22, 2013

I am delighted to bring you the first in an occasional interview series, with some of my favourite peeps via probing questions and a personalised mixtape. And I am thrilled our first guest is Shauna! I started reading Shauna’s blog many, many years ago and then we got to know each other the twits. Now its true […]

binge monsters and chocolate teapots

February 19, 2013

the biggest loser: best with tea and cake Channel surfing on Sunday afternoon led me to an episode of The Biggest Loser. Adam and Rick were tied in a cupcake eating contest, the winner would gain immunity to stay in the house for another week. It was all Very Tense and Dramatic. Within moments, I […]

a leap of faith

February 14, 2013

much like me, Rex does his best creative thinking in the bath Twenty twelve was a life-changer that I never saw coming. And it all kicked-off on the day I saw the red fox from yesterdays post. That evening I sat around the fire with my dearest friends and confessed that I did not feel I […]

unravel your story

February 11, 2013

  image by pen mckinley-rodgers Just over a year ago this beautiful fox came wandering into the garden. She was wary, but felt safe enough to stand within a few feet of eight gobsmacked women to sniff the frosty air. The next time I holidayed with Meghan & Sus, it was to spend a week at […]