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eating all the things. and elephants.

November 26, 2012

It occurred to me on Saturday afternoon, as I slathered unsalted butter, then homemade marmalade onto toasted Vogel bread, that I haven’t been paying much attention to what I’ve been eating lately. And I momentarily checked in with myself. And decided that this is a bloody amazing development. Life is SO busy and juicy right now, the […]

thankful, in this moment

November 22, 2012

for the bright light, swirly clouds sunrise this morning last nights wood-fired pizza with Mr P to celebrate his lovely worky-related news the amazing woman who’s weekly dose of love keeps our little house shiny and Mount Laundry manageable the cottage pie in my post-lunch belly this mornings Anthropologie delivery (new purple top, made of […]

hulk smash…

November 20, 2012

…people who hunt for their tube pass in pockets and bags as a queue forms behind them at the gate, unexpected items in the bagging area, sitting in traffic, crappy customer service, the audacity of the financial services industry, the over-farming of vulnerable geography leading to famine, sexism, people who pass themselves off as coaches […]

my inner wonder woman

November 12, 2012

On Saturday morning, I was walking through a busy London market and felt completely overwhelmed: the endless throngs of people, the noise, the shopping, the sheer bloody Londoness of the place was just too much. I felt a little off-kilter, panicky, unsafe. It was a surprise to feel so out of sorts, but I think […]

grateful for…

November 07, 2012

this green juice made of spinach and spirulina and celery and apples that is loving up my organs with every slurp (sweet Jesus, let it kill this cold) the bastardised giraffe-kids-height-chart thing, that Mr P made for tracking our Epic Savings Plan my new pom pom hat frosty morning air when it almost hurts to […]