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calling bullshit on the pursuit of happiness

October 31, 2012

  So here’s what I know about happiness: it’s a fleeting, momentary sense of all being right with the world. it passes. the quest for happiness can denigrate the amazingly poignant moments in our lives that are not necessarily happy. if being happy is the stick by which you are measuring success, beware of the […]


October 22, 2012

Sometimes my day job involves difficult conversations. I am often the messenger of bad news, the explainer of why things will be changing, Plan A cannot be afforded, choices have to be made. I have found myself in countless windowless rooms, armed with a meagre note from a well-meaning human resources person, faced with letting […]

thirty nine

October 19, 2012

pola by Sus, Abruzzo Italy Moments before this photo was taken, Meg and I picked (stole) a massive ripe pomegranate off a tree while no one was looking and snuck it into my bag. The heat of the day had not yet dissipated  and I was feeling a bit too warm in my jeans, a little self-conscious of […]

cheese omelette for one

October 12, 2012

amazing pola by Sus, taken in Abruzzo Through the cosmic alignment of Autumn socialising, I have been home alone the last few evenings. Last night it was raining so hard the lights were flickering. My go-to meal for one: cheese omelette, was eaten by candlelight in front of the fire. I relish this time now; […]

the magic of purple

October 09, 2012

My dearest friends are poets, writers, story-tellers: through photography and books and recordings of their sweet voices, they bring such creative joy into the world. But I have never thought of myself as such. I am a dabbler in words, I think – and very happy with this. And so I had absolutely no expectations […]


October 07, 2012

I wanted to get my memories on (virtual) paper before the magic rubs off, so this is coming to you from Rome Airport and is sponsored by coffee. I am so tired. Soul-tired. After five magic days of playful juicy-assed fun, and true deep connection, all I want is a bear hug from Mr P, […]