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insides and outsides

July 25, 2012

If I close my eyes and imagine my physical body, a jumble of images tumble into my brain like memories of a movie I once saw. I see bits of me each morning and evening: soapy water cascades down limbs, breasts and belly, to feet. The dressing and undressing. The carefully applied make-up and tweezing of […]

‘some boy scout he must have been to learn these knots’

July 22, 2012

Rex has been 50 Shades of Grey since before it was cool Dearest reader, last week I got through the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy*, so now you don’t have to. Within the first 50 pages we are warned that this is Definitely A Fantasy: our protagonist Anastasia Steele, is a twenty-one year old ‘goofy-but-obviously-beautiful-but-oblivious-to-it’ college […]

box of goodness

July 21, 2012

For the first time in 86 days we woke up to No Rain. So overcome with this unexpected turn of events, we decided to forgo our usual lazy morning reading of several papers, interrupted only by rock/paper/scissoring for the next round of coffee, and wandered through the sunny park in search of breakfast. Post-breaky, we […]

lost: 19 pounds in 10 weeks

July 17, 2012

Things are really really different from then because: I no longer have that panicky feeling that I am white-knuckling it to the end. I don’t think that fate, or eating a full fat yogurt, will determine the outcome of my well-being. I let myself enjoy the anticipation of the main course instead of filling up […]


July 14, 2012

A few weeks ago, a little cane sofa materialised in our street. A neighbour transferring an endless stream of small people from car to house, explained that it was available. She and her tribe helped me carry it into our front garden. I dragged it into the house, praying it would fit in the bay window […]

that explains it

July 08, 2012

Right now, astrologically speaking, the Sun is in Cancer. I know this because I googled it. And according to the Woo Woo Astro Sky Wizards, the Sun being in Cancer is likely to bring about ‘creating a home for your Soul on Earth; nurturing the light in yourself and in others’. And this little bit […]