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a weekend in the country

May 27, 2012

…during which I spent a day in chef’s whites (thrilling!) and learnt how to make arguably, the best chocolate brownies in the known universe; Mr P did not die in a firey ball of metal à la Goose vs gravity despite being over a thousand feet in the air with no engine; and we both escaped […]

a letter to the man who survived niagara falls

May 23, 2012

They say you jumped. Which is so very different from falling. I wonder if you held your breath as your feet left the earth, if a wave of relief and euphoria washed over you as the simple, certain thrill of gravity took hold? As physics intervened. Divinely. I wonder if you held your breath as […]

on a star, blowing a dandelion, going over a bridge, and at 11:11

May 20, 2012

I wish that: the sun would just shine already, and that summer would start and I didn’t have to keep buying denier related items. all the vivid, starting, exhausting dreams of late wouldn’t disintegrate like flotsam as soon as I try to make sense of them. she had not given up. I will always remember […]


May 13, 2012

He’d downloaded the new Jack White album, handed over an eye-watering amount of dosh for petrol and charged up the natsav, so we were totes prepared for the 90 minutes to Cambridgeshire and there was chat about work and an upcoming holiday that involves rivers and boats and where shall we stop for coffee? But […]

me and big sue

May 12, 2012

Last night – date night – we spent an hour in the company of Lucian Freud’s paintings at the National Portrait Gallery. I am so used to seeing shiny, happy, tanned, thin bodies waxed up the wazoo, it was actually thrilling to see rolls and wrinkles and protrusions in all their unapologetic fleshy abundance. I […]

excitement: we're homeward bound!

May 07, 2012

New Zealand summer is Kaiteriteri Beach 1984, when it was so hot my back blistered on a missed spot of sunscreen, now covered in freckles in the shape of an elongated kidney. It’s the year we went camping near Otematata and it rained so much we slept at a Motel where everything in the room […]