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there be snakes & ladders

April 28, 2012

Working in an academic environment has much to recommend it. My deep enthusiasm for proper science, without the backing of any actual knowledge or education in any field remotely related to science, has me totally fitting in! This week I went to a lunchtime lecture that included much scientisty stuff about cell regeneration using a protein found in frog embryos, […]


April 19, 2012

I needed to get a pile of documents witnessed and signed at the post office but oh lordy that queue was so long and the sky turned green and I knew it was going to rain so I didn’t cross the street, I just kept walking and thinking of next week and how it all […]

the butter to my bread

April 16, 2012

I can hardly believe it was four entire years ago today, that we met for our very first date. We have made so many stories together. You make life mud-lucious and puddle-wonderful. I do hope you bought me something nice.

the first step

April 12, 2012

Last night we lay in the warm dark, giggly and wide-awake and overrun with cats. I asked for a bedtime story, and Ash took me on a virtual tour of our house. The dream house. The stone and oak barn, with a pebble driveway and a small orchard of fruit trees where the hives are, […]

some pretty good things

April 02, 2012

April is here with her ripe and bursting trees! Yesterday London was the colour of an old bra, but today the sun is out and my little world is full of some pretty good things, exempli gratia: The 20th. Via a little magic, the sales of both of our New Zealand houses, complete on the 20th […]