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March 27, 2012

Life changes require new jewellery, right? I have been looking for something bold and colourful to acknowledge the magic occurring, and to be the talis(wo)man on the next bit of this adventure. And it was love at first site with this beauty. I love the colour and the organic shape; there is a secret swirl in the […]

rick astley, the universe and everything

March 20, 2012

As a modern lady with feministy notions, I was not escorted up the isle to wifedom. The dulcet tones of Nina Simone ‘Feeling Good’ rang out as a small policeman-cowboy, two fairy princesses and a young footballer in a tie walked past the smiling faces of our loved ones. Followed by the seven beauties. Then […]

the rumble

March 17, 2012

I have nothing to do and nowhere to be. There are no deadlines, no impending milestones, no reports due, no meetings to attend. I do not have a job title, a relevant business card, or colleagues (the furry personal assistants are, for the record: useless). Everything has slowed to a sleepy pace. I bake bread, […]

the deflouring

March 13, 2012

For anyone following along on the twits or the pics you will know that I made my first ever loaf of homemade bread yesterday. Ms Wise convinced me to do it (THANKS LOVE!) and I was fully expecting it to resemble a small windowless building. So there was actual whooping when I opened the cast […]

the first day

March 10, 2012

If I was ever going to experience a miracle, I fully expected it to involve a hallelujah chorus or a bearded dude in a fancy robe; at the very least there should surely have been, some sort of glowing orb. Instead, my miracle consisted of some rather dull office politics and a dollop of grief. […]