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day one of holiday: spent mostly in soho

February 27, 2012

I have a week off! My first in over eight months and I plan to rock its bloody face off. This morning I spent a couple of hours catching up with a lovely Canuck, and then wandered through the streets of Soho; one of my favourite parts of this City. I have been thinking for […]

poetry & marmalade

February 24, 2012

A lovely friend asked me how the Two Year Plan is going and I happily said that I had written a poem about it – poetry is really the only way to kick off ones life purpose, right? Within three days, the words of the poem had manifested themselves without me doing a thing. Its […]


February 17, 2012

I have plague. Complete with sweats, and snot and aching teeth (so weird). I am watching old movies and sending out whiny tweets in hope of sympathy. Occasionally I manage to get downstairs for refills of tea. I am dreaming in vivid four dimensional colour with sound and smell and its as though I am there. […]

warning: post may contain news*

February 07, 2012

Thoughts occurring in my brain: The time required to make marmalade is about the same as a Radio 4 afternoon play. This does not feel like a coincidence. The mark-up on store bought preserves is astronomical! I want to learn how to roast my own coffee beans. So much so, that for my 40th birthday I […]


February 05, 2012

Marmalade. Its the queen of all jams. The supremo of preserves. Crumpets are simply naked without it. Sweet, yet a little bitter, that silky golden goodness with fine shreds of organic peel, just cannot be matched. Welly may have my heart, London my mind, the Cotswolds my spirit, but Seville, dear bloggy reader, Seville has my […]