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a new years eve fireside chat

December 31, 2010

Happy New Year! What are you up to this evening? We’ll be spending the evening at home with the furry peeps, enjoying slow-roasted dead baby lamb and some fine New Zealand Pinot. There may be scrabble. I feel SO ROCK N ROLL I may explode 🙂 video post inspired by the Very Awesome Ms J. […]

how to have a fun day out at english seaside destination

December 29, 2010

  Get up nice and early. This may necessitate having breakfast on the train. Do not dawdle (or allow companion to to be distracted by the WIDE AND AMAZING selection of newspaper 6 minutes before train is due to depart). Arrive at Fun Day Out Seaside Destination! Rally against pissy misty rain that soaks into […]

remember: christmas isn't about you, its about jesus

December 25, 2010

It is on the only street in the United Kingdom where vehicles are required to drive on the right; peach melba was first made in the kitchen in honour of Nellie Melba; Churchill often took his cabinet to lunch there (its air-raid shelters were ‘the smartest in London’). And today the Savoy Grill will be […]


December 21, 2010

Its still bloody freezing and the snow continues to cause havoc. People have been stuck at Heathrow for days, and passengers have gone a bit feral: there has been reports of LOUD TUTTING and FIST-SHAKING. The whole country is on the verge of a complete social collapse. Above this atmosphere of abandoned hope, this morning […]

a break in proceedings

December 20, 2010

This photo sums up Rex’s entire weekend. Essentially an inside-in-Winter cat, Rex wanders outside only for essential purposes; the furry pudding is not used to snow. He was not best pleased and having to trudge through wet white stuff that reached his belly. I love his little flat pissed-off ears. We slowly wandered up to […]