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the restaurant at the end of the universe

December 29, 2009

I can’t remember an afternoon that involved an uninterrupted hour of reading, a nap, a bubble bath, ‘afternoon delight’ and a movie. All before a five-course supper that, had I not been spared in the night, would have more than sufficed for my last. But we spent our Christmas Day on the Isle of Skye […]

christmas travelly-trip

December 24, 2009

Mum and me, Christmas 1974 Gatwick Airport is like a time warp to the less salubrious parts of the Soviet Union. Hardly festive, but it does have planes flying to Inverness, one of which is very much required this morning. We will be spending the next few days on the Isle of Skye; right at […]

are you there blog? it's me, sas

December 22, 2009

As someone who is sharing space on this revolving orb with about six billion others, I am very aware of my complete and utter irrelevance. I am, in the context of time and space, not even a molecule on a grain of sand: in a hundred years it is unlikely that anyone will ever even […]

crap friends

December 09, 2009

As I lay in that dark hour, I was aghast to realize that something within me, long sickening, had quietly died, and felt as a husband might feel, who, in the fourth year of his marriage, suddenly knew that he had no longer, any desire, or tenderness, or esteem, for a once-beloved wife; no pleasure […]

my clan, the blueys and the enormous plastic jesus

December 08, 2009

I remember sitting at the formica kitchen table in my pyjamas, dressing gown and slippers, trying to be quiet. Drinking a hot milo and being allowed to stay up close to midnight was perhaps the most thrilling part for me. Mum’s phone calls to her brother in the north-east of England were a Very Special […]