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pamela flitton eat your heart out

September 30, 2009

I began my official love affair with England in 1998, the year I read ‘A Dance to the Music of Time‘. Powell’s England was the England of Cambridge and weekend country estates, 1930s London; frenzied parties and the apprehension of war. And Widmerpool, the pompous, powerful man of cigars and whisky, leather armchairs and gentleman’s […]

'a pleasant and concieted comedie'

September 28, 2009

So the weekend went something like: Made ‘Lets-just-forget-this-shit-week’ Friday night romantic dinner for two out of kiwi pinot, table cloth, candles and dead baby lamb. Saturday = eleventy million pages of readings for second uni assignment (which I now completely resent and hate and have lost all interest in but Sweet Jesus, 8 years is […]

twenty four gestures of love in a week

September 24, 2009

So my little project ends this evening with a blood donation at Chiswick Town Hall (praying I don’t get Hepatitis/HIV/Mad Cow from the whole ‘bodily fluids in a public place’ experience, which would be just my fucking luck). I managed to do quite a few on the first day when enthusiasm and love for fellow […]

dirty birthday weekend shiz

September 22, 2009

This is a photo of our little stone cottage: the scene of our dirty weekend in Cumbria. The big wet thing you can see through the window is lake Windermere. If traveling to lake Windermere, please note that it is a fuck of a long way from London. Like, five hours in a car (five […]

the power of giving

September 17, 2009

One of the truly magical aspects of t’internets is the connections. I love that through a facebook link back to my blog a friend from primary school emailed me to say ‘I just wanted to tell you that your blogs are a pleasure to read – they have reduced me to tears, brought me to […]