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august bank holiday weekend with ms. conway

August 31, 2009

She was on the 14:14 to Paddington. Big welcome to London hugs and then Portobello Market, Hummingbird cupcakes in a little pink box, OMG that’s Mickey Rourke (fucking weird looking rubber face), the lovely silver and paua ring, polaroids a go-go, Science Guy’s cookery wonderment, late night chats. Sunday morning full English at High Road […]

friday five: colourful & delicious

August 28, 2009

I’m granola, yogurt and berries most days. Porridge, banana and a squirt of honey in winter. Weekend breakfast place make the best poached eggs on granary with spinach or avocado or tomato. Always strong, black coffee. Always. For more early morning deliciousness, see Cesca’s gorgeous breakfast photostream.


August 25, 2009

This evening, my 50-65 minute commute home took almost three hours. The queue just grew bigger and bigger and then… stopped. At one point I actually parked the car and turned it off. And for 30 miles there was the creeping crawling where you feel like you are making progress but actually you are all […]

happy ending

August 22, 2009

I was quite apprehensive of him coming to stay. Him and his new wife. She’s the one he married without telling anyone. The one who has apparently changed him for the better, the one he is faithful and devoted to, and… insert platitude here. But it was an enormous anti-climax. They stayed for 4 nights. […]

the last of the international playboys

August 21, 2009

So Rex arrived and was not remotely dead. And yay, a not dead cat is way awesomer than the alternative. Opening his cage was like a task on bloody Krypton Factor, and he kept tutting and sighing. Anyway, eventually he jumped out, stretched his whole self, yawned, and strode a little suspiciously around the house. […]

rex the alphacat arrives tomorrow

August 20, 2009

‘We picked up Rex yesterday as planned and completed his MAF export formalities. This morning he flew to Auckland, from there onto Sydney and London (via Singapore). What a lovely boy! Rex was so cuddly and relaxed, a pleasure to meet and handle’ – Bruce, Superstar Manager at VenturePet.