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getting one's birdlife in an organised arrangement

May 30, 2009

Dear God, First of all, massively big ups to you for all the sunshine! It’s almost too hot out there today, everyone is in the park or the beer garden with smiles on their faces. And I saw the man with the ice-cream cart down the road, looking at a yacht catalogue earlier today. So […]

friday five: guilty man pleasures*

May 28, 2009

*brought to you by a bunch of twittering lusty wenches. It should be noted that while all wanted themselves a bit of a cuddle with Campbell, poor Andrew Marr was left out in the cold. Which just goes to prove there is no accounting for taste. Click photos for (in Mr Marr’s case particularly fascinating) […]

blueberries, john cusack and wet ducks

May 27, 2009

What is your current obsession?The loveliness that is the English summer. And Twitter. What is your weirdest obsession?I have a long(ish) list of phobias. What are you wearing today?Post-work comfy pants and a pink Kathmandu hoodie. What’s for dinner?Marinated beef and a massive plate of stir-fry vege, with soba noodles. What would you eat for […]

not big or clever

May 26, 2009

So North Korea is officially the New Big Thing Designed To Scare The Holy Living Shit Out Of You. Apparently it has tested either: a ballistic missile capable of wiping out millions of innocent people, or a communications satellite equipped with a death ray capable of wiping out millions of innocent people. I don’t know […]

this blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this england

May 25, 2009

Two days of sunshiney goodness in the Cotswolds, does a lot for ones frame of mind. So much so that we have decided to buy a big old barn in a little village, convert it into a lovely home (you know with a big log burner, squishy leather sofas and a rolltop bath). We’ll find […]