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unravelling towards authenticity

April 29, 2009

Not only is Monday the first May Bank Holiday (yay summer is imminent), but it is also the start of my e-course. I have been reading Susannah’s blog for years, hers was one of the first I found, when I was looking for someone who understood grief and loss. So much of what she writes […]

mystery date weekend

April 26, 2009

So this weekend I: co-hosted an ANZAC orifice party with fellow antipodeans (complete with meat raffle), met the lovely M&D for Friday night drinkies in St James, woke up with slight tenderness in hangover region, had hissy fit at Science Guy who had organised mystery date and wouldn’t tell me anything, felt like a dick, […]


April 20, 2009

Saturday afternoon and Science Guy went to the pub to meet a friend from home. We’d had different invitations on Friday night for drinks, on Saturday night for dinner and then on Sunday for a day out in Kent. All of which I had said yes to. And then on Thursday night, after a week […]

heart, meet sleeve

April 16, 2009

One year ago we met. After finding each other and chatting online for a week, we met in that bar near the Welly waterfront and I got this feeling in my belly (possibly my heart). I find it difficult to describe what it was like, meeting you. It was as though for years, it had […]


April 14, 2009

Easter Sunday was spent at the Natural History Museum wandering through the Darwin’s Big Idea exhibition. We’ve been watching the BBC doco with the lovely Mr Marr narrating, so it was a bit of a let down to see a live iguana called Charles, as an example of Life on the Galapagos, at the end […]

the fur-person update

April 07, 2009

Rex is currently staying at the Homerfeld Hotel. Apparently he’s a bit of a hit with the Homerfeld Juniors and they have developed a nice routine: they run screaming after him around the house once or twice a day, he scampers off to hidey place and adopts a very smug look. The Homerfeld Seniors also […]