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March 24, 2009

Oh god. I have no idea how I am going to manage this. I have rediscovered M&S bakery biscuits. They are Big. Soft. Cookies. Sweet and chewy with big chunks of belgian chocolate spread right through there sticky flat planetary beings. They make me feel a bit funny in my pants. They are 5 for […]

together. for london.

March 23, 2009

Transport for London are currently running a considerate travel campaign. Because ‘a little thought from each of us, makes a big difference for everyone’. Sure. I mean obviously being considerate to fellow commuters is a good thing. But do we really need little colourful bubbly cartoon people to patronisingly state they won’t put their feet […]

why don't we just issue her with a standard issue nut-proof bubble?

March 19, 2009

Exhibit 417 of why I love the public service. It’s like working in a big puffy cloud of protective political correctness. No common sense is needed as we have a policy for everything! What you are about to read is an actual email sent by our Head of Carpets. I mean Head of Facilities Management. […]

welcome to the neighbourhood

March 18, 2009

The standard adjective for Chiswick and its environs is ‘leafy’. And indeed, Chiswick is pretty much completely be-leafed. Large, stately deciduous trees abound, gardens are well-tended and tasteful, and especially at this time of year, it is almost impossible to use the sneaky parking bay outside Turnham Green as Wheeler’s garden centre is crammed. Home […]


March 15, 2009

Our first weekend together in London and the weather is divine – sunshiney and crisp but with a definite sense of early springtime. I love this time of year, as everything starts to change and bud and grow. And I think this is one (of many many) reasons why I could never live in Australia: […]


March 03, 2009

Sometimes I wonder where I am. I see people from my childhood on the tube or walking up Oxford Street and then I notice the eyes are wrong or they turn a certain way and I realise it’s not them, I am not back there, I am here. It’s like my life flashing before my […]