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the last welly weekend

January 25, 2009

As requested, the weekend weather has been bloody awesome! On Saturday we had lunch at Maranui, followed by a drive out to Eastbourne where the sea was a gorgeous inviting green, and local kids jumped off the wharf at Days Bay. Today we trekked up to Raumati Beach for lunch, and spent a few hours […]

note to self

January 21, 2009

While in the moment, when the sun is shining, when you have already kicked off your shoes and contemplated what the poor people might be doing, when the conversation is easy and the platter of nibbles tasty, when the street below is buzzing with the knowledge that summer is really here; in that moment the […]

the almost ex-pat

January 19, 2009

Seven days. Seven days until I won’t live in Welly anymore. I won’t even live in New Zealand anymore. I love Welly. Every time I land at the airport, or drive over the motorway past the Ferry Terminal I feel like I am home. It’s lovely to know it will all be here when we […]

bye bye georgie

January 19, 2009

This sketch is by Ross MacDonald. It is part of a montage by artists from the February 2009 issue of Vanity Fair. The Economist has a synopsis of Bush’s stint in the White House ‘The Frat Boy Ships Out’. Hat tip to The Accordian Guy for the link.


January 07, 2009

Yesterday, after seeing the VERY COLD weather forecast for Blighty I went for a walk to the beach so as to absorb vitamin D while its still on tap. And it hit me somewhere near Lyall Bay, that in less than three weeks I won’t be here. I’ll be 12,000 miles away. Jobless and homeless. […]