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bombay new year

December 31, 2008

The penultimate leg took us from Turangi to Greytown. It was perfect conditions for the desert road and the view of the mountain was spectacular. After negotiating a way out of Palmy (I bet there are residents that were once just driving through, and couldn’t find the road out). We stopped off at an award […]

whangarei to turangi

December 31, 2008

Is a long long way. Like, its most of the North Island. It takes over eight hours (with stops). Yes that long. Trapped in a car together. As a consequence, I am withdrawing payment of my licence fee. The only real use I get from it is National Radio. And could we get the stereo […]

cape reinga

December 29, 2008

First, a quiz: when is the most inconvenient time EVER to have your car battery unexpectedly die? a) in your driveway, b) within a few metres of a garage/friendly mechanic, c) on the open road after a pit stop or d) in the middle of a car ferry with vehicles behind you, and a very […]

bay of islands via kawakawa

December 29, 2008

Sunday morning was spent driving up to the Bay of Islands, stopping briefly in Kawakawa so I could go for a wee in the ‘world famous’ Hundertwasser designed loo (definitely a trip highlight). Over a few hours in Waitangi we wandered through Busby’s House and Te Whare Runanga (the meeting house) and saw Ngatokimatawhaorua the […]

whale bay

December 26, 2008

Boxing Day has been even sunnier than Christmas. After fresh croissants for breaky, Science Guy took me on a drive around the gorgeous beaches around Whangarei (and the spot where he rolled his Mum’s car 17 years ago). We drove out to Ocean Beach and made our way along Whangarei Heads, through Ngunguru, Matapouri, Sandy […]

comfort and joy

December 24, 2008

This Christmas will not find me pajama clad, shaking Little Brother awake at the ungodly hour of 9.30am.  The stocking I made when I was 8 will not be hanging above the fireplace stuffed with roses chocs. It will not find our little whanau of four unwrapping intentionally crap gifts with the breakfast bottle of bubbly.  […]