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happy anniversary

January 20, 2008

Wellington Anniversary marks being home for just over 6 months, and the purchase of my little house a year ago. And to celebrate I have conducted a little makeover in the garden (just to be clear I didn’t have any part in the actual construction of the deck, but I totally told them where to […]

goodbye london

January 13, 2008

Dear London, Ah sweet city my time has come. I will miss the sheer scale of this place, with its vast structures, higgledy-piggledy architecture, green parks and the river. I will miss the razzmatazz and the sadness it covers up. I will miss the Big Issue sellers and Transport for London’s sense of humour. I […]

friday five: what I miss

January 10, 2008

Five: The rather spectacular architecture of the London Skyline, and the sudden consciousness sparked by catching a glimpse of Houses of Parliament or the Gerkin; that ‘OMG I’m in LONDON’ feeling. Four: Jersey’s spectacular corporate accounting laws. Tax is a bitch. Three: The plane ride home from a travellytrip; consisting mostly of drinking bloody mary’s, […]

fur covered joy

January 09, 2008

Thank goodness for the broadband elves whose magic enables working from home and hanging out with one’s furry flatmate. The Fat Furball, Giant Ginger George, Dr George O’Malley, Georgie Porgie; on pain of sounding like crazy cat lady, George is fur covered joy. I love that when I come home, I’m required to scratch behind […]

the possibilities are endless

January 07, 2008

A hat tip to a fellow slightly obsessive list maker special k as Tuesday’s become the outlet for my listy mania. As befits this time of year, the first will be an indication of what lies ahead in 08. And I can’t be arsed with the drink less, go to the gym, fun police blah […]

eating peaches naked

January 06, 2008

First day back at corporate lackey world. Pooh. I am struggling a little but this week is mercifully free of meetings and deadlines so I have time to sort myself out and get my to do list under control. I am also attempting to aleviate the complete loss of mojo by kicking ‘08 off with […]