My work is about helping you
come home to yourself

Self-doubt leaves us feeling like we are incapable of tending to our needs, ideas and dreams.

You might find that no matter how many times you give yourself a fresh start, you can’t seem to sit down and start. Perhaps you’ve reached a level of success but you’re waiting to be ‘found out’. Maybe you are just sick and tired of scrolling and comparing but you don’t know what to do instead.

I can help. I coach thinking women and I mentor thoughtful coaches.

If self-doubt is holding you back in your career, connections, creativity or in setting up your coaching practice: my work is for you.

I am unconditionally committed to your self-belief.

This is the basis for trusting your opinions, acknowledging your preferences and accepting your shadowy bits.

I believe self-belief is where your true power – your sense of home – resides.

I’ve helped thousands of women to unhook themselves from self-doubt and sink into their own quiet, tenacious confidence.

My approach is heartfelt and intuitive, specific to you and immediately applicable to your life.

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Here’s some ways we can work together:

‘Sas it’s just so nice to know that each month, I can count on you to send me something that will spark my brain into gear and will usually make me laugh out loud! I feel like you have my back – as if you are writing just for me.
Your newsletters take about 10 minutes to read, but the ideas and themes often come back to me during the month – I get to savour them. Thank you for the thought and love you put into all that you do’.

~ Anoushka, Ontario